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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3 posts in 3 days? i must be unemployed!

I finished the Monkey socks today, thanks to an excruciatingly long Advanced Grammar class last night. I know it's just the first semester, but I'm over school already. Must. Persevere.


Here's Monkey. And proof that I'm not so good with the picture taking late at night. And also proof that I could have chosen better patterned yarn for this project.

From above:

From the side, in midair, cause I'm a gymnast and junk:

From the creative angle, with the camera no where near my face:

These socks don't represent the Monkey pattern very well, partly because of the yarn, which I happen to love, but maybe for something else (Lorna's Laces in Parfait), and partly because I didn't block the socks. Honestly, who blocks a sock? (sorry, just watched Casino Royale and now I'm channeling Austin Powers.) They're much prettier in person. Most importantly, I learned about arch shaping. Ok, really just doing more decreases at the gusset, but still. I have a narrow foot, so it's important to get right, otherwise you just have a bulky sock that doesn't fit into your shoe.

In other news, I started a job today, and it closely resembles the things I asked for earlier this month, with a few key exceptions. The pay is significantly less. But I'm with cute babies all day, honing my mom skills, until 3:30 when I can go to class or just go home and study. Or dye lots of wool. Priorities you know. And I can wear whatever I want and be barefoot all day, which totally rocks because that's how I hang at home. Except now when I get home I have to change cause I'm covered in baby drool. And wow is my hand-washing OCD-ness kicking in. I'm pretty sure I'll have scrubbed them raw by next week.

OH! I blew past my 75 mile goal for April 1, and I'm now at 80, so I'm going to get on my bike this weekend and see if I can't power out those last 20 miles. Maybe I'll make 100 anyway!