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Friday, March 23, 2007

resurrection of the buffyverse, and a prize

Holy crap.

Buffy is back.

Like many other Buffy fans, I'll take Joss Whedon in any form I can get, though preferably in the Buffy incarnation. And now the series continues as a comic! What a perfect forum. And great, just when I have no money, along comes a new addiction. (Mary, make sure to tell Madge!)


I have to tell you, I'm so thrilled that ya'll loved Punk Rock Girl. Just looking at it makes me giggle a little, and knowing that ya'll love it too, well that just makes me giggle some more. I'm big on giggling. And silliness in general. Wish I could get a Masters of Silliness. That would rock.

Anyway, since you guys are so amazing, I'm going to host a drawing for Punk Rock Girl. That's right, I'm giving it away! But not because we aren't BFF and all, it's just that sometimes you gotta share the love. And PRG deserves a good home, since I barely have time to knit at all any more. It's taken me almost a month to get through a pair of socks (and that's the only thing I'm working on)! It's totally astonishing how fast the day goes by when you have no work to do. Super fast. Yet still, no time for the knitting. Bizarre.

So! Leave a comment in this post to enter the drawing. Don't forget to tell your other knitting friends. Unless you want better odds of winning for yourself. But I know knitters are the generous sort, so spread the word!

On a side note, this particular skein is KP's Bare superwash merino, 462 yards, 7-8 st. per inch on US 1-3 needles. If you don't like KP, stay tuned - I've ordered some yummy Kona to try next!!