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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Look! More yarn!

Ok, it's the same yarn from this weekend. But now in yummy yarn cake form!

I tried to skein it all by my little self, but to say that the effort was disastrous would be selling it short. Yarn in tangles, spurned on in its badness by wide-eyed kitties eager for some yarn kicking action. So I wound it instead. Today I sneaked over to the yarn store during lunch and snagged myself an Ashford niddy noddy for next time. All hail Ashford.

In other yarn news, I finished the design swatch for the Star Wars hat. There are several mistakes, but they're fixed on the chart now. Knitting a circle out of a bunch of squares takes critical thinking. And maths. Both of which I'm resisting right now, as I struggle through an "everyone please just leave me the hell alone, I want to sleep and pretend the world doesn't exist" funk. I think spring break was just too short.

Anyway, here's the mistake ridden prototype swatch:

It needs love and blocking, but it doesn't entirely suck. I tried the yarn dominance trick (down yarn! bad!), but I'm not sure it worked very well. Now for the band and the text. Eep.

Oh, and did you yarny-type folks see Cookie's pattern site? I'm all aswoon over Rhiannon. But my fear is that they will take forever to knit, and I've no idea where to wear them, seeing as how I'm not Scottish, and I threw away my Catholic school girl skirt long ago. But you know how you just neeeeeeed something sometimes? Well I neeeeeeeeed kneehighs.

Clearly, I have lost my head.