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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

yarn-type pornage

there must be something about chicago.

everyone from chicago that i've interacted with has been truly awesome.

maybe it's the wind. if you have to grab on to strangers to keep from flying down the street, panties a-flashing, perhaps it's wise to make nice with those who might keep you upright.

my point here is that robin, who is from the chicago area, is wonderful. last week she posted about some hemp yarn on her blog, and said that the first person to comment got the skein. and guess what? i'm quick.

and it happened to come on the most awful day i've had in a very long time. as soon as i saw the package i just relaxed. cause i was reminded that there are other people in the world who are just cool...just because.

hempy goodness (thanks again, robin!!!):

i also got my kp order for pete's hat this week (and now pete has a blog!! omg! go check it out!):

i can't wait to get started on this hat. the swatching is done, and the charting has begun.

while i was waiting for the hat yarn to arrive, i started a sock so i could keep up with one of my goals this year. i want to work on making socks for myself that fit properly. i've taken some measurements, and i think the problem lies in the fact that my calf is bigger around that my foot. almost all sock patterns have you decrease back down to the original cast on number, which for me is too big. i'll probably do a good deal of ripping, but at least i can identify what part needs work.

this is monkey from, in lorna's laces' parfait colorway. yay for pink socks.

as i was taking pictures this morning, i heard an eerie crunching sound.

beware, the sneaky cheerio eater...

(also, big events happened today, but i'm not sane enough to post about it today. maybe tomorrow!)