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Sunday, March 11, 2007

dye happy

I had a wonderfully productive weekend. Caught up on a lot of school work (though not completely), went for a 6 mile walk with the hubs, and dyed some yarn. I'll continue to catch up tonight, and hope to be completely on top of my game by Thursday. I wasn't terribly far behind, but I have been lazy and stressed. The walk puts me at 54 total miles this year, which is no where near my goal of 100 by April 1, so I've revised my goal to 75 miles by April 1, and I feel very confident that I can meet it. Even if I don't, it's a lot farther than I would have done on my own, so I win both ways.

So, about the dying. I'm not so sure I'm very good at it.

This was my first attempt, with Jacquard dyes from knitpicks, and some sponge brushes I found at Michael's. I used pink, yellow and emerald, with spring in mind (specifically my long lost dead tulips...I'm in mourning).

And the close-up:

The pink looks almost fushcia, but it's not quite that bright. I loved the salmony/orangy color made by the pink and yellow, so I kept doing it.

Then I did something much darker. If I were to name it, Bruise would probably be appropriate:

I used some of the Jacquard dyes in blue, then I used the Rit dyes I found at Michael's for the black and purple.

Once I figure out how to skein them up, I'll post those pics too.

And there was one more dye job in the house this weekend.


Man I love having black hair.

P.S. Taylor says "woof, mofos"