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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The hor-o-scope for Libra, according to the Divine Aunt Purl, sayeth thus:

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23) We all have so much stress wrapped up in money. Libra is no different, even with all the balance and Zen and so on associated with Libra folks, money can still bring up all sorts of tricky issues. Toward the end of the month, money will loom large and in charge, and you can cower, cry in a corner eating cheetos, or decide that money is just math, not magic, and while you yourself may not feel all mathy and brilliant in the moment, they have these new-fangled things called calculators which do the adding, and in this case, subtracting. The upside is that you are better prepared right now than most to handle some weird financial blip and your Zen will return right after tax day in mid-April. That's not long to wait for Zen, now is it? You Libras and your ability to remain upright in a flood, I tell you what. Share a little of that rowboat with a Cancer girl? please?

She's right about that upright ability. Me and the tree pose are justlikethis, and it's my favorite. Yeah, I might cross that thin insanity line when really stressed out, but I always look back and go "oh damn, there's that line again" and hop back over to semi-normal. But sometimes it takes a while for that realization to kick in. Ahem.

I will be keeping my cool this month though. Even though I put in my notice at work yesterday. And I have no job to go to afterwards. While that's a somewhat insane thought, it's really not that big a deal. Yes I know I just bought a house. And I have two car payments. Yet I'm still not worried. I have my resume out to a thousand different places, and I'll get something. The relief I feel is totally glossing over all the negative 'what-ifs'. Not to say that I'm not looking at those 'what-ifs', I just know I can handle them if they should arise. And that my friends, is very zen indeed.

So is this:

Look at all the sheeps! (I know they're "lambs", shush.)

Eeeee! Poor widdle bwack sheep, all awone.

These two follow their mom! And try to eat every time she stops! Run mama sheep, run!

I see these new little guys every day on my way to work (no, I do not live in the boonies, but when you're near a university people study stuff, and on my way to work is where they study the sheeps). Every day I drive past them and I can't help but squeal "baby sheeps!" in the most shrill voice I can muster, so it would really sound more like "bbships!" if it were actually audible to the human ear. Luckily for the rest of the world, I don't carpool.

They just make me so happy, what with the way they just run around being sheeps and all. And the knitter in me can't wait for them to get fluffy in hopes that on shearing day someone pulls me over as I pass by with a "hey lady, want some free wool?", in which I reply "hells yes handsome young farmer boy, I'll take all you have!". Clearly my baby sheep fascination is multifaceted.

More good things today:

1. I'm getting almost 3k from my previous employer (to my IRA), mostly because I rocked when I worked there and it's bonus time. See above about not being stressy about money.

2. Borat. Enough said.

3. Affordable karate lessons.