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Thursday, March 01, 2007

uber me

so i forgot to mention that not only did i write a paper on leet, i had to present it too.

and i totally r0xx0r3d.

i used a leet translator as part of my hand out, as well as a guideline to gaming acronyms, and a few comics like this one (with permission, of course).

i was horribly nervous, cause that's what i do - freak myself out to the point that words escape me, then i get embarrassed, my face gets all red because i cant remember what i need to say. it's a vicious cycle. so i tried to go last. i found my nerve, however, when the guy before me did his presentation on text speak, and proceeded to swear that no one uses leet anymore, and that he could find almost no research on either topic. of course i had to show him up. but not in an "i'm better than you" sort of way.

for a grad student to say "i couldn't find any research" is just bullshit. work harder. look harder. if you still can't find anything, extrapolate and use what you can find to go further. or hell, just write about something else.

anyway, the presentation lasted about 20 minutes, including question/answer time, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. txt guy even participated a good bit, and we had a nice little banter about the whole thing.

still. must suck to get pwn3d by a girl.