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Monday, March 26, 2007

busy little bee

Gosh it's nuts over here! And I'm not even working.

Ok, first things first...the drawing!! As accomplished by my super scientific method of writing names on little pieces of paper, throwing them in the air and seeing which one lands first.

And the winner is.................MADGE!

Shoot me an email with your address and I'll get this skein o' joy right out to you! Congrats!!!

For the rest of you, I'll have some more Punk Rock Girl very soon!

I'm continuing to dye up yarn using some worsted I had in my stash. And I'm having so. much. fun! My first batch of colorways are musically inspired, since that's really what started it all. I'm paying tribute to some of my all-time favorite songs and bands, most of which are punk, goth, and alternative types. And as soon an my yarn order comes in I'll have several to show you. You can almost hear me tapping my foot, I'm sure.

To give you just a taste, this is Letter to Elise (god bless The Cure):

And here she is in the round:

Such a show off, that Elise.

I love the pinks and grays, but I'll be branching out soon enough (where is the mail man already?!?), and I'm feeling very red and blue.

Anarchy in the UK anyone?