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Thursday, March 15, 2007

parum pum ping...

Man. I really, really want to go to THE Knitting Party of the Year. I wish I could meet the Harlot, and cavort with knitters from all over and take over NYC with our yarniness and wackiness and drown Central Park with our multi-colored socks. Choke on them NYC, choke! Haha!

Ahem. Better to choke on socks than smog right? I'm just sayin.

But alas. Tomorrow is my last day with the Company of Eternal Lies, and I shall soon be broke and probably working at Barnes & Noble, if they'll even deign to hire me. Once I'm completely free of the shackles of bullshit, I'll go into further detail. Also, I'm not a huge fan of NYC (smog and asthma are NOT friends). Maybe she can do the next one in Boston, or Denver, or LA (celebrity smog! at least i'll suffocate with a smile!), or hell, Atlanta! That would be perfect!! And she can do it in the IKEA, cause it's big and I still haven't been yet, and cause I said please and I can make cute faces and all. Or you know, just to suit me cause I'm me.