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Thursday, April 19, 2007

wearing nothing is divine

and it feels alright...

In the midst of being sick all weekend and furiously writing that paper, I got inspired. By an Ipod accessory box, of all things.

Naked Eye is the result:

This might be my new favorite. A light blue/aqua, gray and white. So divine.

With my naked eye I saw the falling rain, coming down on me...

(I loved Luscious Jackson!)

I also did a teensy test skein to see if these color mixtures looked like fun:

Doesn't that just look like spring? I kinda wanna roll around it, except that it's very tiny and I would look more than a tad absurd. Not that rolling around in a bigger skein of yarn looks more sane...I'm just sayin'.

And last night Nate helped me with some of my lighting woes. All of our lights make colors look too yellow, so he pulled out my Ott light, which I had for quilting way back when, and voila! Let there be well-lit yarn and a true reflection of color!

So I reshot Ruby Soho, and this is a lot more accurate. The other pic was way too dark.

This was so much fun, I can't wait to do some more semi-solids!!

Tomorrow, Denise and I are driving forever and a few hours to Lexington to see le Harlot. I'm so excited. I have books to be signed, socks to be knit, and um...clothes to be packed. What? It can be done quickly. I think.

When I return, I shall have Harloty pictures for you, and possibly some from the MCR concert (omg, so freaking excited...two awesome events in 3 days! woo!).