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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

avert your eyes, stephanie...

I was about to post this, and then the emails started hitting my inbox, so I'll answer the biggest question first:

YES! My colorways are for sale, and you can buy them via paypal by sending me an email to let me know what you'd like to order (email addy is on the sidebar). I'm currently working on a gallery and I have a few new colorways floating in my head to round out a nice batch of about 10 to begin with, and I will also gladly do custom dyeing for you (I'm dyeing 2 custom colors this week, so pictures soon!). I am still working on pricing, but the colorways will likely be between $23-27 depending on the yarn you choose, and a custom project will be just a tad more. Please email me with further questions, and forgive me...I didn't realize I'd have so much traffic (p.s. thanks for the link Stephanie!)! And a big welcome to all the new visitors! Thanks for stopping by!

And now on with our regularly scheduled posting:

I don't know about ya'll but it was a loooooong weekend. The drive to Lexington took 7 hours, but it was so very worth it. Denise and I got to meet Stephanie...

shown here with her traveling sock, and Denise's 'fetus sock' in Punk Rock Girl...

and Stefanie, who is seen here with her lovely editor, Jessica, signing my copy of Fitted Knits. Whee! I didn't know le Glampyre herself would be at the signing (embarrassingly enough, I didn't read about all the authors, just le Harlot...ahem), so I felt the air sucked out of my lungs when I saw her. I know I babbled, and I'm sure I made an ass of myself. Meeting her and sitting in on her panel was so awesome. Highly recommended! And I'm soooo in love with the jacket she has on...

Deedee and I met a lot of authors and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We also ate lots of yummies and drank a tad too much coffee. Mochas rule, man.

The Harlot's talk was hilarious, as expected, and we got to meet several super cool knitters. Afterwards, Stephanie joined us for a little knit-in, hosted by the nice ladies of Magpie Yarns (sadly no website). She showed us her unique knitting technique and how she can knit behind her head. Denise watches in awe.

And a shot of the Bohus in action. It is truly a sight to behold. This woman has no fear of tiny yarn and needles on a big project.

Afterwards, we went to Magpie Yarns, cause Denise won a gift certificate. Their shop was very cute! All the yarn is organized by color, and the ladies are so very nice. We also went to ReBelle, another yarn shop with a different vibe. That store sooo belongs in downtown Athens. Lots of cool gear, yarn, pins, stickers (mine says 'geek girl', Denise's says 'knit one, fuck you' hahahaha!), and an awesome section in the back with feminine/baby products. I could have spent way too much money there. Glad I'm on a budget.

Ok, my big ass paper is finished and emailed off to the professor (I am thisclose to being finished with my first semester, thank the gods!), and now, I must go shower and get myself ready for the MCR concert.

So. Excited.