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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finger crossing

Ya'll are so great. My interview went pretty well, and I managed to not drop anything. It seems like it would be a fun job with a lot of independence and flexibility. I should know something Monday!

It's not that I don't enjoy working with the kids I'm with now. But I am a little tired of going to class covered in boogers, slobber, and various other baby mess. I'm sure I smell just great. Bleh.

Warning: The rest of this post is kinda picture heavy. Feel free to drool if necessary.

I've been working on several things during class and in my "free" time.

First up is's RPM sock in STR's Lucy colorway:

Next is Retro Rib from Interweave's Favorite Socks book, using my Letter to Elise colorway:

I liked it so much that I couldn't just let it languish in my stash!

This is a swatch in the round for Blue Orchid. The camera is still not getting the color nuances of this skein, but it's better than the last time I tried. Wish it was sunny today!

I just got some new yarn! This is the Blue Faced Leicester I ordered a week or so ago so that I could try something really, really scrumptious. And oh my is it. Just look at that spin! And it's superwash and sooooo soft. I can't wait to get started with it.

This is the 100% merino that I also have, just to compare. The spin is a little looser, but it's just as soft and also superwash. I really just want to pet them both all day.

If there is a colorway any of you like so far, I can dye some up for you in either yarn. And I'm continuing to work on more color combinations as I have the time. Pesky old grad school keeps getting in the way.

These were a gift from my mother-in-law! She got them from our local yarn store, but the girl who makes them has an Etsy shop here. Aren't they cute?! She has some really cute markers on the site. I'm going to order some to look like each of my cats.

Have a nice Hump Day everyone! I'm gonna go dye!