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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New yarn and a very sad yard

Thanks for the well wishes; I think they worked. In fact, I feel like a whole new person!

Though my allergies are still kicking my ass, and they will continue the onslaught until...well, forever really. Allergy shots never did much good and I'm immune to everything on the market, prescription or no. And since I'm allergic to 80 of the 120 things they tested me for (that was a fun day), I just kinda have to suffer through. I can't possibly avoid all the allergens. Dust, dirt, and cardboard are everywhere. As are my cats and dog.

Anyway. I did some dyeing yesterday with my new rockin' sock yarn, and here are some of the products:

Some Punk Rock Girl, and Blue Orchid, which is a teal-y blue, darker blue, purple and black. This photo isn't doing it much justice. I'll try to get a better one soon.

This pic is the inspiration for Blue Orchid:

Well, that and the awesome White Stripes song of the same name.

This is something Pete asked for, called Toxicity (woo System of a Down!). I want to bring down the orange a tad, as it's very dark, but I love the limey green and bright yellow. Or should I just leave the orange?

And oh my gawd, I have to share. I saw this shirt downtown the other day and almost spewed diet coke everywhere!!

Hahahahahhahahaha! Whew. Me too, man, me too.

(Insert disclaimer about how I don't condone cutting, blah blah, I grew up doing it myself, blah blah, just laugh at the joke kthx)