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Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm not much on superstition, but I'm pretty sure this particular Friday the 13th conspired against me.

1. I was feeling pretty icky yesterday, but today I woke up with a 100 degree fever. And I couldn't get a sub for my class. No one even called me back. So I had to go to work.

2. I lost my voice about half way through the day. This is not good in a place where you have to shout over screaming one year olds to be heard.

3. Today was payday. The accountant made the check out to Michelle. Even though she knows my name and has met me several times. The bank wouldn't take the check obviously.

4. When I got home, I tried to take some pictures. My camera died for no known reason.

5. And in the mail was a bill for my summer tuition. Which I won't be paying because I've applied for financial aide. But not according to my school. Gah.

Regardless of all this seeming bad luck, as the day progressed little windows of opportunity opened to negate all the ickiness.

1a. I got to leave early. And sneaked into my doc's office just before they closed. He diagnosed me and wrote me a prescription. I was in and out in 10 minutes. And he wasn't even supposed to be there that late. They locked the door behind me.

2a. I coughed up some nasty phlegm and got my voice back. How gross is that though? Bleh. But now I have a gravelly voice and I can properly do justice to Smelly Cat.

3a. I called the accountant and I can pick up my new check tomorrow.

4a. My camera is revived, and there are pics below. Woo!

5a. I called Piedmont and got all my silly tuition crap situated. I have to resubmit all my financial aid junk, but I can fax it in tomorrow while seeing the accountant.

What luck, eh?

This is some yummy strawberry field-esque yarn I worked on earlier this week. I can't think of a fun punk name for it though. Any thoughts?

And just to add to the testament that knitters rule, Madge sent me a super sweet package of cool stitch markers and a card with lotuses (loti? lotes?) on it!! What a nice surprise!

Thanks girl!!

Clearly I need to make some adjustments to my camera now. These are not fuzzy in real life, promise.