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Sunday, April 15, 2007

trials and tribulations

I think I've stumbled upon a problem with my school work habits.

Thing is, I can sit at my computer for several nights, staring at the same paper and get nowhere. (Sure I was sick too, but this is a running theme since college.) BUT! If I get up, grab my thumb drive and my laptop and hit a coffee joint...I can bang that 10 pager out in about 4 hours. And unless you can get caffeine by osmosis, it's not the coffee, cause I drink tea. Chamomile and lavender tea, which I highly recommend.

Isn't that weird though? My thoughts coalesce over the hum of an espresso machine, but not in my own home. I have to put the finishing touches on it today, so you can bet your ass I'm going to be at the Jittery Joe's this afternoon (east side if you please).

The frustrating part is that I can't just sit in my jammies and nasty hair, oh no, I have to put on proper clothes (read: bra) and dig out some cash cause I know I'm going to need a drink and a snack, which is not something I can't really afford all willy-nilly right now. Guess that's the price of deciding that your self esteem is more important than money.

When I finished and my brain was completely fried and wrung clean of all useful knowledge, I decided to do something fun.

So I whipped out the dyes and made a big mess. Seriously. My first attempt was so bad I didn't even take a picture. I had dyed a tiny test skein and didn't like it, so I attempted to overdye it a nice periwinkle. Well, turns out my stove gets VERY hot, very fast and now that tiny skein is an incredibly dark purple/navy color. Overdyed, indeed. Oops.

I gathered my wits and stopped cursing, and chose red instead.

World, meet Ruby. Ruby Soho. Destination, unknown.

She's slightly variegated, but really more semi-solid. This yarn just makes me giggle, and I can't believe how well it turned out. It's exactly what I wanted...not a solid red, just a little dark here and a little lighter there. Perfect.

Then I realized it was time to get down to business, and I whipped up some Punk Rock Girl for Robyn over at Knit & Purl Mama! The skein on the left is hanked up as it was dyed, and the one on the right is skeined up with a niddy noddy. R - these will go out to you tomorrow via USPS.

And now, I must polish up my paper and the mega-assignment for my assessment class, both of which total a whopping 90% of my grade for this semester.

But no pressure.

(On a very, very unrelated note: As a TV/radio/film major in my undergrad, i have to is NBC doing?!?! First they put Studio 60 on 'hiatus' (BS, they'll finish airing the episodes they paid for and cancel it, which sucks because it's a really great show), then they give us the phenomenally produced Black Donnellys' and now they're yanking that with no notice? For MORE "reality" shows? What the hell? What am I supposed to watch on Thursday, aside from freaking GA reruns and recaps? I'm so over all these 'hiatuses' and extended breaks. In the 3 months I've had cable again, I've been able to watch about 4 or 5 new episodes of my shows. Where the hell is Heros? When is GA coming back? TV did not used to be like this. I'm on the verge of canceling everything but Discovery, DIY, and HBO.)