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Friday, April 27, 2007

I can't believe it's Thursday...

Well ok, NOW it's Friday, but still...what a week!

Monday's post by the Harlot prompted a firestorm in my email inbox. You should have been a fly on the proverbial wall; it was kinda scary. So instead of waiting to launch my line of sock yarns, I realized that I had better just do it!

I had Pete create a label for me, and here is his lovely handiwork. This will go out with all the yarn I dye. Isn't it pretty? He swears I could do this myself, since I know Photoshop, but I really just don't have time. I'm lucky that he's so awesome to me! Thanks Pete!!

Tuesday's concert was amazazing (yes I typed ama-za-zing, don't tell me you didn't see Benchwarmers). I was impressed with MCR, mostly because they really care about their fans, and also they don't suck live (yes, I had my fears). They stopped the whole damn show for this one girl who passed out, waited for her to get medical attention, made sure she was ok, and then resumed. They performed almost all of the Black Parade album (in the BP uniform), then changed clothes and did about 6 songs from Three Cheers. Gerard also did a little PSA about violence, in regards to the Virginia Tech thing, and I gotta say, I was a little moved. Also, there were pyrotechnics. Whee! Fire! We could actually feel the heat when the flames came on. Their poor drummer must get really really hot...

Muse absolutely stole the show though. Their guitarist/singer totally blew us away. His ability is unbelievable.

Wednesday I got the DVD of Scout's KG show (thanks Robyn!), and inside was this sweet little gift! Robyn, they're perfect!!

Then today I went to class and realized just how much work I still have left to do, and I have less than a week left! Eeek! This grad school thing is, uh...intense.

This weekend I'll be writing the last of the papers for these two classes, dyeing like a madwoman (thanks for all your orders, I can't wait to work on them!), and...if you know me well, you know that I have a long list. A monstrosity of a list. Lists within lists. It's a sickness really.

Have a great Friday, ya'll! I'll have some yummy pics posted this weekend!