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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Goodbye Cruel World...

I was having a great weekend full of crossing things off my lists like laundry, dishes, changing the sheets, getting my toes did, choosing a new haircut for Tuesday's visit to my rockin' hair salon (oh yes, I'm totally doing it), updating the Etsy store, packaging yarn, and accomplishing various other chores. I deserved a gold star even.

And then I picked up my knitting.

I started an innocent hat for a friend thinking, "oh I'll bust out this hat in a weekend, no problem!" I got to the decreases and put it on Nate's head for size comparison. It's too big. Riiiiiiiiiip. That's fine, I didn't really like that pattern anyway.

Then I moved on to my Hourglass Sweater. Nate says, "hmm, you know that looks like it might be too big for you." So I do a little measuring and what do you know? TOO FUCKING BIG.

Off to the deep end of the frog pond with the Pastaza. Do a cannonball in, would you?

I had gauge. I cast on the right number of stitches. Everything was going so well. But you could throw 40 lbs on me and that sweater still wouldn't fit.

Since I'm in the process of ripping things, I went ahead and ripped Nate's Cobblestone (too big...are you shocked?) and the UNeck Vest that's been languishing on the needles. That project actually fit (a bit too long though), but I got irritated by the top. I couldn't bring myself to take pics of the ripping of everything. It's too much to bear.

Clearly knitting and I need a break. Maybe I should stick to scarves. Those are hard to fuck up.

Or I'll cheat on knitting (ha! take that knitting!) with my voice practice, cause apparently that's something I'm good at. I added a lower octave tonight, bringing my total to 3. Sweet. The voice coach says my progress is "freaky fast," and I'll be having that compliment for desert every night this week.

But first, I need a lie down and some chocolate. And someone to hold me.