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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Thanks for all the commiseration on the whole fraud and money theft thing. It's not fun, but I think we got it all worked out now. The bank refunded Nate his money and is getting him a new card, and I have my car loan folks on the watch for the scammers. Idiots.

I got tagged by both Cami and Dfly for this meme. Do y'all really wanna know weird shit about me? Fine then. It's a shame I'm so freaking normal.

7 Semi-Interesting Things:

1. I hate for my food to touch on my plate, unless it's supposed to (think casseroles). Hate. Grosses me out. Each item is supposed to have its own distinct taste and if they touch, it ruins that. Blech.

2. I grew up Southern Baptist, then Episcopal. I'm pretty much an atheist now. Mostly because I need reason and factual evidence, not faith. I also think that organized religion will be the downfall of us all. (this isn't meant to turn into a debate or a flame issue, i dont expect everyone to agree with me and that's cool)

3. When I was 12 I smoked, drank, got high with friends at concerts, and ran away from home. I also used to cut myself, but I was a bit of a wimp about blood, so I didn't cut very deep and I don't have any scars. Making my parents proud was *such* a priority.

4. I almost failed 7th and 8th grades. See #3 for why. In the 9th grade we moved to another state and I immediately became a different person. Graduated high school with a 4.something in top 5% of my class. I was lucky to have some really great teachers who believed in me.

5. I secretly wanted to be a cheerleader from age 11 to 14 or so. I tried out every year but never made the team. Turns out I'm very uncoordinated under pressure.

6. I love to watch people and see what they do with their energy. (I learned this in acting classes.) I love to try to figure out what's going on in folks' heads just by watching them walk around and interact with others. Sometimes I can see when people are having an especially rough day by what they do or don't do with their physical energy. I wish I could see auras though, that would be pretty cool.

7. I'm so socially and politcally liberal, I should probably live on another planet and head a commune of psycho naked hippies. With Bono. Yeah. That would rock. We could build our houses out of hemp, grow organic gardens with the results of our compost heap, make our own clothes, have group therapy to explore our self awarness around a camp fire, and then the group sex.

What? Did I go too far?

I'm not much of a re-tagger, so if you'd like to play along tag yourself dude.