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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Goodies! We like goodies! Oscars too!

Thanks so much for the hair comments. I really love it more every day! I'm a geek, and I'm ok.

I'm watching the Oscars (holy god could Nikki Kidman BE wearing any more diamonds? also I might be doing a bit of random Oscar commenting. this might get long.) and blogging and trying to type through kitty love. See here:

Tristan is sleeping and making 'nom nom nom' noises on his absolute FAVORITE blanket, which is not to be washed ever lest he become extremely put out and have to sully it up again with his belly fur. Below is Molly (aka Somie, aka Bitchy Cat) who has decided I have better things to do than type. She's quite demanding and very selfish with her lap time. You take it graciously when she decides you're worthy.

I hope your weekend has been relaxing and/or productive. My weekend was great for getting goodies!

I got the cute little Piddly bag on the right (with the pink ribbon) from Jenn and Wendy at Piddleloop. Photo courtesy of their etsy store. They update every few weeks and it is a vicious feeding frenzy. I'm lucky I got a bag at all! This one is now holding my Clapotis which is slowly growing longer.

(Holy shit Marion Cotillard is gorgeous. Hate her. Also, damn her for being so cute with her acceptance speech.)

This little set of stitch markers and earrings came from Kate's etsy shop, Knitty K8. She was having a sweet little sale so I got lots of yummies. The turquoise markers are now on my Clapotis and they are PERFECT. Very lightweight and gorgeous to boot. The earrings went immediately in my ears. They are so stunning Nate even commented on them, and that's saying something!

Last but most certainly not least, Cher sent me the perfect pendant. A Buddha on a lotus flower!! Sweet! I had to run out and buy a chain to put it on, but it's not quite right so I'm still looking. I'm thinking maybe a hemp necklace would work better. It's just so perfect for me. Thanks again, Cher!

I've also done a LOT of knitting this weekend, but I need to take some pictures, so I'll update those later. I made some progress on the Clapotis and a ton of progress on the Aleita Shell. My yarn and gauge are different from the pattern, but I did some evil math and holy shit, it's working. The thing fits. It's lovely.

(The little couple who won for Best Song are SO FREAKING CUTE. I can hardly stand it. They brought the girl, Marketa?, back out for her very own acceptance speech. Adorable. Also, I still hate Cameron Diaz. Hideous prom dress.)

OH! I had a great conversation with my voice coach tonight. He said he wished that I went to his church so I could be in his choir. I replied, " don't really want me in a church choir, I'm a big ole atheist." He sorta chuckled and then said, "yeah you need that 'I got god' street cred up in here." HA!! I laughed so hard! We had a nice little conversation about religion and moved on. I seriously love this man more every week. Especially since he didn't try to kick me and run.

Next week I'll take a picture of the mural on the wall in the church. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. It makes absolutely no sense. On one side there's the men. They have a lion, lamb, and a dove. In the center is a cross, an angel, a gryphon, and a winged bull (oh yes). Then on the other side is the women, some fruit and roses, and then...a unicorn. And a dragon. Do what? There are unicorns and dragons in the bible? I must have missed the sci fi chapters. Blast.

(Oy the tribute to those who have passed always gets me. Love you Ingmar Bergman, Deborah Kerr, Heath Ledger.)

(Holy crap Diablo Cody won Original Screenplay for Juno! Love her Fred Flintstone dress and skull earrings. Bet they're real diamonds.)

(Oh, Helen Mirren. She's so divine and yet severe looking. Makes me think of a feminine Snape, but in a good way. Daniel Day Lewis is not half bad looking when he's not playing an insane person.)

(I know nothing about any of the movies nominated this year, but yay Joel and Ethan Coen. They tend toward awesomeness. Woo Denzel. He's still got it. Well shit, I guess I have to netflix No Country for Old Men now.)

Thus ends my lame ass Oscar yakking.

Have a great week!