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Friday, February 08, 2008


Aside from the haircut, this has not been a spectacular week.

I have cast on 3 projects though, and that's all that is cheering me up today. More on those later.

Yesterday Nate discovered that someone had swiped his card and stolen his account information along with $700. I really want to know what was SO awesome at Walmart that was worth $700. Seriously. If you're going to steal from someone, go buy something fabulous.

Today I'm getting phone calls from my car loan company saying I haven't paid in 3 months. The 'representative' tells me an amount, which is quite random and not at all equal to 3 months payments, and that I owe December, January, and February. So I go online and pull all the receipts and confirmation numbers that show I've paid and I show NO outstanding balance. Still, she demands this random amount of money from me, by check over the phone. To which I reply, ", fuck off," and hang up.

I'm calling the company to tell them about all this and give them the phone number the lady called from (residential in Tempe, AZ) so they can do whatever it is they do with shit like this.

My bigger concern is that this person has access to my car loan information. While she might not have everything, she has my cell phone number and that really bothers me.

Grrr. I hate people sometimes.