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Thursday, February 21, 2008


HR 536 is TABLED! Woot! This is very good news. Now I can relax a little. And have a few drinks. And do a little 'we win motherfuckers!!' dance.

Ok, moving on.

Be very glad I didn't bombard your eyes with my foulness yesterday. I started a post titled "Shitty Shit Shit" and it all went downhill from there. I had woken up in a terrible mood, felt like my head was full of snot and then had to deal with stupid computer and printer issues ALL DAY LONG. You know how things are when you're in a bad mood. Everything seems to turn to oozy muck colored crap before your very eyes. Luckily things have worked out: the two programs I almost redrum'd with my bare-handed mouse are now speaking to each other and I'm getting a new printer/copier/scanner. Yay technology.

Then there was lovely, fun knit night and an eclipse. And it was good.

So, on to a better day! Which is apparently not going too well either. I brought my camera and laptop today so I could take a few pics and post some awesomeness. Then my camera battery died, thus thwarting me mightily. Alas, pictures will come later.

Fast forward to later.

I've been slowly but surely working on the Lenores (sans lace sections on the foot). I'm knitting these as part of a KAL of sorts and as part of a knitter's project. The deadline loometh and I need to get moving on these.

But I cast on for something new. Yes, another something new. With Silky Wool and I even swatched, washed, blocked and measured. It did not kill me. Then I did math. It also did not kill me (though it was a bit touch and go). I cast on for a size that will make the gauge fit me perfectly. Or there will be hell to pay, friends.

I tried to take better pictures of my hair, but this cut is so fierce it refuses to be properly photographed. This is the best I could get. And that's me about to scream expletives in my work bathroom.

Fierce, yet camera shy.