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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yay for Voting! And New Hair!

I voted early, which was very cool because there were very few people at the election office so it was super fast. If you voted today, good on you!

Nate and I have an interesting friend. Well, he's beyond interesting, but what I would say about him would be un-PC so I'll just leave it at "interesting." Today he went and voted for Hillary. He's from the other side of the fence. Why then, did he vote for her? Not because he likes her. Not because of her politics.

Because he wants to "see a good game."

My response? "..........."


Moving on to less frustrating subjects, let's discuss my hair.

Before 2 p.m. today it was black and shoulder length with long layers. I dug it, but I'm lazy so I would usually wear it up instead of fixing it all proper like.

After 2 p.m. it's magenta (oh, yes) and about an inch long in the back. Here's the rest:

Left side:

Right Side:

Whee! It's a *little* shorter than I wanted it, but in a week or two it will be perfection. I've played and styled it three times already. It looks best straightened and with some pomade type stuff.

When I first showed the picture of what I wanted to my hair dresser, she took one look a Posh and said "oh no, we are NOT going blonde," but once I made it clear that I only wanted the cut she squee'd out loud. She couldn't get on board with the black color and purple highlights, so we compromised with a dark brown/dark cherry mix. It is awesome.