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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Merry Sunday!

Hope you guys have had a great weekend. I'm not ready for Monday, but alas, it cometh anyway.

Thanks so very much for your thoughts regarding my last post. It's an issue that has always been important to me and now it's something I can actively fight for if necessary.

If you'd like to get involved, please check out Planned Parenthood. When/if I go protest in Atlanta, ya'll will hear ALL about it, rest assured.

In the meantime, let's get back to the knitting shall we?

I joined a little KAL on Ravelry, hosted by my blog buddies Marie, Mary, and Madge, and as part of this little KAL, I cast on and busted out a Shedir in less than a week.

Voila, just like that, Shedir. I feel all Emeril-esque. BAM!

And so now I have a pink Shedir to go with my pink jacket. Love!

Also capturing my love this evening is my big black kitteh.

Who really wishes you'd look away now.

My favorite part of him, aside from his soft lush belly is this:

His one black toe. All his other toes are pink. So freaking adorable.

p.s. OMG I totally have cool news! And maybe this is only exciting for me, but I just returned from my third voice lesson and I absolutely blew my instructor away. I've gone from virtually zero range to TWO full octaves including the high operatic C that (he says) people generally work really, really hard for. EEEK! Turns out all I needed was a little technique and some confidence! I'm directing myself toward musical theater, though he said if he had a say I'd train for opera. Holy shit, ya'll. Me. In the opera. The world must be tilting on its axis.