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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh yes, I'm that big a nerd

Wow, just a week or so ago I couldn't be tempted to knit anything and now I have SERIOUS cast on-itis (it's a word, shush).

So I ran through my queue on Ravelry (hi, my name is Melanie and i'm an addict), and re-sorted everything. Now it's in order based on the top 10 things I'm about to work on (or already have on the needles, just sans pictures) and the yarn I plan to use. If I don't have the yarn yet I bumped them down a tad until I decide what I'm going to buy or dye.

Even my lists have lists. And this is why all those cute little planners never work for me. I really just need a sticky note. Or ten. You know.

In case you're curious, here's what my list looks like (you know I had to write it out). All but the top two are subject to rearrangement per my mood. I might decide I have to have Lady Eleanor RIGHT NOW and race to the yarn store. Let's hope not, I'm broke.

1. Blue Light Special - using Telemark, already cast on. Slowly working my way through the rows. Very slowly.

2. Hourglass - ripped the evil cotton denim, replaced with yummy Pastaza. Oh so soft and pretty! I've already turned the hem. It's working up SO fast and is stealing focus from the hat.

3. Hanami - I'm so dyeing something gorgeous on the Aura yarn (the one with the silver strands) for this one!!

4. Brea Bag - Got me some Ultra Alpaca all ready to be a sweet little cabled bag.

5. Foliage - My Malabrigo in a dusty pink is perfect for this hat, and hopefully a scarf to match.

6. Tangled Yoke Cardi - Have the Silky Tweed, but it might get dyed first.

7. Juno Regina - Still considering a yarn. May buy something, may dye something.

8. Lady Eleanor - Need yarn. Want Rowan Tapestry.

9. Clapotis - I know what yarn I want for this, but I can't justify the expense just yet.

10. Quant - Need yarn. Might get bumped up for the Fearless Knitting KAL, and cause it's cute.

Another Central Park Hoodie might get mixed in here. I have the yarn (Cascade Sierra) and it stares at me from the stash all intent on getting my attention.

It's almost Friday and I have 2 more colorways to dye and LOTS of yarn to reskein. Have a great weekend. You can guess what I'll be doing.