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Monday, January 07, 2008

London Calling!

ETA: Silvery yarn is now up at!!! Go check out Kiss Me!

I managed to dye 35 skeins of yarn on Saturday in about 8 hours straight. Which means I'm almost done! Well sort of. I have about that many more to do and then I can be done. Maybe.

Anyway, I need to order more dye and yarn this week, that's for sure. Sunday I had to rest because Saturday wore me out. I rested by doing laundry, changing sheets, organizing closets, buying and putting up new shower curtains, taking stuff to Goodwill, moving a few pieces of furniture and treating myself to a sushi lunch. Yeah I really need to get better at that rest thing. Nate said I'm worse than my gramma. And then he got walloped with a pillow. But she's still going stronger and faster than me at 75, so it's something to aspire to I guess.

Today's title is brought to you by Big Ben and Parliament (cue your recollection of European Vacation).

Nate and I have decided that for our fifth anniversary we'll do a little traveling. My home country is England, his is Ireland and France. The language barrier freaks him out a little, even though I know enough French to get us around, so England it is. Our plans are to spend a week there and see as much of the country and Ireland as possible. Nate's undying love for U2 drags him to Ireland while I'm just after some yarn, and scenery of course. What I really want to see is castles, palaces, and manors and LOTS of them. British Museum, Hadrian's Wall, Stonehenge, Tower of London, Hampton Court, Buckland Abbey (Sir Francis Drake is an ancestor), Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Kensington, etc. Doubtful that I'll get all that in, but one can try.

We'll be heading there either late in 2008 or early 2009. Our anniversary is in May, but that's not the off season so we're going early. So! Excited! And then we'll have babies so the fams will STFU already.

On the health front, here's what I've learned so far:

1. Sugar bad. Especially in the form of Ghiardelli chocolate chips. Thanks PMS for making me reach for those. The aftershock headache/coma took 4 ibuprophen and a whole hour to conquer. I'm not cold-turkeying anything but I had a serious moment (or two) of weakness yesterday. Lesson learned.

2. More than 1 soda a day dehydrates me so much that the only cure is four very large glasses of water and several trips to the bathroom. I've limited myself to one soda, sometimes just a half, per day to help stave off the caffeine headaches. I'm eventually cutting it out completely.

3. Exercise good. Even just a 20 minute walk makes me feel great. I have energy all day. And lifting is even better. The weights are low but I feel the burn, baby. I'm down a whole inch and half a pound in a week and that rocks.

4. When you resolve to feel better, sometimes the hubby joins you. He's been getting on the treadmill every day this week and reminding me when I forget about workouts. It's part of his own agreement with himself. If he exercises every day for the next 30 days he gets to keep the PS3 he doesn't need. Hopefully he'll make it a habit since he hasn't been treating himself very well either.

5. Veggies are hard to eat when you don't want them. Normally I love me some veggies. This past week I could barely get them down. I think it was the 'must eat veggies' attitude. Switching to the 'I love veggies, mmmm' attitude and we'll see how that works.

Hope your pre-Tuesday is going well!