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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Working my ass off...

Alrighty, since I seem to be neglectful of pictures lately, I've included several for you in this post. I didn't take my camera to anything Xmas related, and that was really dumb seeing as how that's where finished scarves were given out en masse. Ah well.

Today I'm seriously busting my ass in the kitchen dyeing up yarn. My intention (damned road to hell) was to dye it all up over my super long break from work, but as you can probably guess I mostly stayed sick. I'm finally feeling awesome this week and I'm eating mostly good and exercising daily, even getting in a touch of running. It's amazing how much better I feel and my body is cooperating with my adjustments now, which is helping tremendously. So anyway, I didn't get as much done over the holidays as I planned and now I'm dyeing like crazy to get stuff ready. Good times. I'm probably going to have to offer sexual favors to Nate so he'll wind yarn for me. Like he'd say no.

The order went out and should be up on their site soon, so go check it out! It's all silver and the custom pink colorway I dyed for them is rockin'!!
***ETA: The yarn is going up on Monday!

Oh yeah, pictures!

This is that Noro sock that I don't love. Well, I love the sock, not so much the yarn. I copied Stephanie's sock pattern, which is just an 8x2 rib, but I added 1x1 ribbing at the top and decreased to 7x2, 6x2, and 5x2 as I got closer to my teeny ankle. Hers looks better than mine and maybe they'll actually get worn.

Oh look! I started a Fair Isle hat! This is Blue Light Special, part of my self challenge per the Fearless Knitting KAL. I'm using KP's Telemark in blues, gray and cream. Love. It. It's easier than I though, other than the damn yarns tangling and spinning around each other.

And this is my cotton denim Hourglass Sweater. Can you sort of see the striping? That's where you can call me a dumbass. I had 10 balls of Elle True Blue, which is now discontinued and impossible to find. It's not enough for a sweater. So I bought some Rowan, which looked like it matched. It's close, but there won't be any cigar tokin' over here. So I'm alternating them and we'll see how crappy it looks in a few days. I only have 3 balls of the Rowan so I doubt the striping will last for the sweater, which sucks ass. Maybe I should have just done the sleeves or edging or something with the Rowan? I don't know, I just want my damn denim sweater. (Can you tell that blue has made its way back into my knitting?)

And what are all these lovely knitting project being photographed on? My brand new island from Ikea! Our previous "island" was a ghetto set up that was not working any more. This is MUCH better, though now I have to paint yarn on something else. Pay no attention to the crap in the background.

In other news, go check out the newest (#6) Knit Sibs podcast. They're having a contest, and I think they might like my yarn. Actually, I did a lot of blushing while listening to the podcast. Thanks so much for the mention, ladies!

Ok, back to dyeing. I'm trying REAL hard to finish the wholesale and have an etsy update by the 15th. Cross your fingers, eyes and toes. And call in sick for me, k?