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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And miles to wind before I sleep...

I spent today dyeing, drying, and reskeining lots of yarn, ordering more yarn and dye, and paying some medical bills for all my recent trips to various doctors. I'm generally feeling more energetic, but today has seriously worn me out.

Exhibit A:
This is only about a third of what's going out this weekend.

Some Hydroponic, chillin' in all it's green glory.

Tristan, getting ready for his run and some yarn going up the shop this weekend. Black and white so you can be surprised!

Much to your probable shock and awe, I have been knitting a tad.

Behold, some actual progress on the Hourglass Sweater. I've finished the decreases and am now on the second set of increases. It's good for mindless TV (of which there is MUCH lately - guilty pleasures include the Janice Dickinson show, Make Me a Supermodel, and PR - gotta love superficial drama!).

This is 2/3 of the Cherry Garcia neckwarmer in Malabrigo's Damask colorway. Love this little thing as it's so super quick and will only take me about 10 minutes to finish. This project is all Cher's fault. In a good way, of course.

Last but not least is the casualty of my castonitis. I've cast on and ripped a sock from the Trekking I bought at SAFF about twenty times. I can't pick a pattern I like and I can't decide between regular sized socks and knee highs. Knee highs on US1?!? I just don't know that i have it in me. But then I'll have SO much yarn left over if I don't. Grrrr.

I still want to knit everything I come across. Maybe this is all related to the reduced amount of caffeine and chocolate in my life. My brain says it's missing something and my first thought is "KNITTING!!".

Oh, I just remembered! I had my first voice lesson on Sunday. So. Much. Fun. I was literally terrified, but in about 30 mintues he explained all the parts of singing well enough that I was able to seriously belt some shit out (I took voice lessons when I was 13 but obviously I learned NOTHING). I barely even talk above a whisper sometimes so I really surprised myself. Fear conquered. Can't wait for more. And it turns out I'm not an alto, as I always thought, just a petrified soprano . We'll be working on that, cause me and Amy Lee have some dueling to do.