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Friday, May 18, 2007


Pixie tagged me for 7 Random Facts and here is what I could think of in the moment:

1. I'm am almost one year clean from my gaming addiction. I only watch these days. Nate still plays WoW, and anything on the Wii and XBox 360. I knit instead. It's a much better scenario for me. Spectator = Good.

2. I'm a rabid Harry Potter fan. I've read each book at least four times, and this past weekend I finished up 5 and 6 again simultaneously. It's a sickness. I have lots of theories about what will happen in 7, including that Snape and Peter Pettigrew will ultimately save Harry or get killed trying. I think we'll see a lot of Kreacher too, and that he will have several critical answers to hanging questions. I kind of wish the series could continue, but alas.

3. I'm suffering from serious knitting ADD. I've finally found a few things that are inspiring me, but aside from a Jaywalker and a Saturday Market Bag, I haven't cast on for anything new. It might be boredom, laziness, or the realization that I will have next to no knitting time available to me this summer, and I could therefore actually be suffering from a fear of commitment. I'm going with that explanation.

4. I haven't expressed it yet, since I've been covered up with other things, but I really dislike the most recent IK mag. Aside from the sweater on the front and the toe up socks (which you can find online for free), there's nothing else I would actually make or wear. I can't wait to see what Eunny does as editor!

5. The new Google bar at the top of the screen when you go search is driving me crazy. I don't need it and don't want it. It is in my way, and just about anything that I perceive as 'in my way' is bound to piss me off.

6. I'm over Gray's Anatomy. Over. It. I watched the season finale last night and damn, those girls are just stupid. Typical drama plot line: chase guy for two years, suddenly decide you're not really all that interested after all, tell him in not-so-many-words in the last episode, thus ruining all that the fans have hoped for the last two seasons. Whatever. I'm done with Meredith, Christina's a moron, and Izzy went off the deep end with the whole George thing. Guess I'll stick with Heros and the Office.

7. I need a nap.

(I'm a bit too wiped out to tag anyone, so consider yourself tagged if you'd like to play along.)

I leave you with a pic of the afore mentioned Jaywalker, knit up in Strawberry Switchblade:

It's fitting well and is such an easy pattern. I had originally just wanted to see how this colorway knits, but I think I'm going to keep going and have myself a new pair of socks. Yay for socks.

And I dyed this colorway for Pete, who has named it Disintegration:


Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!