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Thursday, May 24, 2007

i am a lame ass knitter

Or maybe just a lazy knitter. Or a tired one. Seems like I'm always tired, even when I don't exert myself all day.

I cast on for my Jaywalkers two weeks ago (at least it seems that long ago, not sure of exact timing here) and this is as far as I've gotten:

I've just turned the heel and started the gusset decreases. I'm so slow! I have narrow feet so I always have to decrease more times than a pattern calls for, so it will be a while before I'm done. Good thing I have four hours of class on Tuesdays for just this little sock.

I'm no closer to finishing my Saturday Market Bag either. It looks at me quite forlornly. It really wants to go shopping, I can tell. My fear is that it would fill itself up with gorgeous yarn I can't afford and I'd be forced to pay for it, cause I'm hard pressed to put back a bag full of yarn. Unless it's Red Heart. No problems there.

In other news, I haven't heard yet from any potential employers. The job I want the most is supposed to let me know by the end of the week. I know that gives them one more day, but still, I'm trying hard not to feel bummed that I haven't heard about it yet.

But, I do have a new toy to keep me content. I'm extraordinarily spoiled, and I'm not even going to ask how Nate found the money to buy it for me. I just know I'm really lucky.

So of course, I must give you the obligatory animal pics:

"I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille..."

"Oooh, I get it! Hehehehe"


And here is an orchid I was given last week by a coworker. Let's see how long I can keep it alive.

And of course, some yarn, since that's where we all do our drooling:


Ruby Redux:

I decided to try dyeing Ruby the same way I did Under the Pink (you can see both in the flickr album at the top right). I did something similar for Lullaby, and I love them both!

I still have a lot to learn about my camera, but I seriously want to take it with me everywhere so we can play together. I'm such a geek!