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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sharing the yum.

Thank you all for the nice comments in my email about Disintegration:

It just happens to fit quite nicely with Project Spectrum's June/July colors! Don't you love how I just sneaked it in there? Good on you for those who noticed! If you'd like to order some, I'm dyeing up a few skeins on Tuesday and I can have it out this week.

I went the first of two meetings (the second meeting is for the final exam) for one of my online literature classes on Saturday, and I was quite impressed. The material is interesting, the professor lighthearted, and the banter will be enlightened. I'm glad I added this Multicultural Lit class, and I can only hope that my Victorian Lit will be as intriguing. I'll find out next Saturday. I have to admit that it's sort of not fair to have to go to class on Saturday, but at least I don't have to take a day off work.

Oh, about the sharing. (You can skip this if you have no interest in good food, or you're anti-vegetarian or anti-eating. No, attention anyway.) I ran across this book on amazon, ordered it and fell in love. The breakfasts and desserts are so good! I'm a breakfast and dessert kinda girl, so you can consider me an authority on the matter. Or not, either way. Today I made the pancake recipe. I'm terrible at pancakes. They either stick to the pan (even with cooking spray), they won't flip, or I burn them. I can't tell you how many times I've tossed the pancakes and eaten cereal instead. This time though, I followed her suggestions, used the recipe Not only did I not burn them, they were even good! I love banana walnut pancakes so the next time I make these I'll add the extra goodies.

What are your favorite pancakes? Or do you prefer waffles?

Next I'm going to try the Fronch toast (egg free somehow) and then some cupcakes. Cause everyone loves a good cupcake.

But true vegan love belongs to this book and the little gem of a recipe called, tantalizingly enough, Chocolate Vegan Death Cake. Scroll to the bottom for the recipe. It's so good that it's not even fair that I posted the link to the yumminess. Your taste buds will thank me. Even if you're not vegan, this cake is impossible to resist. I'd go into diabetic shock for a slice. And then order another. Nate's half birthday is in June, and I'm going to whip one up for his party.* (p.s. half birthday party invites coming soon!)

Go forth and make the yumminess.

*half birthday is celebrated because the hubby's actual birthday is at Christmas, and so he grew up almost entirely without birthday parties. now he gets one every year in june when lots of friends can come! whee!