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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Extra! Extra!

I'm working on a lot of things for the month of June, including a nice sale (details later, stay tuned), some personal growth stuff and tons of introspection.

There's a bit of navel gazing going on over at Chez Lotus. Not that there's much to dig out, just observing really. I've made some big decisions and acted on them, which is amazing, but again they were big and time was of the essence. I'm not really prepared to discuss them (it, really), but I will in time. Just know that I'm a good bit less stressed than I was a month ago.

Anyway, one of the things I'm working on is my own fitness. I always say to myself that "oh I'll get into better shape...when I have time". How cliche of me! Of course, we'd all look amazing with unlimited free time. (And money! Call that hot trainer, bring in the chef, and let's go shopping! I wish.) Regardless, I've started a very, very, very beginner running program because of my asthma and I'm loving it! My fitness level is ok, so I don't *have* to start so slow, but it doesn't hurt to get yourself back into shape slowly and my lungs really need all the assistance they can get.

Especially on the days when there's smoke in the air from the fires. Yes, they're still burning. Some days when the wind is right we get smoke in Athens. It's crazy. Last week I had an asthma attack just walking from my house to my car because of that stuff. I bet south Georgia and north Florida look like all kinds of hell right now.

My goal is to lose 10 lbs by July 1, and I've got 8.4 more to go, since I started this last week. Of course, eating more veggies and less M&Ms is always good. Damn the siren song of an M&M. It's not fair I tell you. But I'm powering through and Nate is helping by grilling up yummy chicken and pork tenderloins and veggies. Mmmmmm.

On the knitting front, you'll never guess who is a knitting rock star!!


(Since he's being lazy about blogging, I'm blogging for him...except here and not on his own blog. Ahem.)

I sent him some Lion Brand Thick & Quick and some needles along with his yarn order so he could learn to knit, and holy shit, he did! And this little gem is his FIRST attempt! He's a genius I tell you. Big shout out to for their videos. It's such a great way to learn and a wonderful tool for folks who can't have their knitting mamas next to them while they struggle through those first rows.

I'm so proud. I beamed unabashedly when he told me that maybe knitting is not just for chicks and gay men. I've been telling him this for a while now, but I guess you just have to experience the knitting and the problem solving skills that come with it for yourself. We can definitely expect some bad ass knitting from this guy!

My own knitting has finally picked up steam, as I cast on this yesterday (three times):

The Turtleneck Tube Vest from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel. I can only hope it looks so great on me. I might have to sit *just like that* though. We'll see.

I'm using the yarn required in the pattern, Cascade 220, which I got a knitch on Sunday. I realize my yarn is also purple, but it's a heathered purple and therefore not *exactly* like the yarn in the pattern. I was in a hurry and I couldn't decide between baby pink, teal and purple. I went with the purple since I really need a tan to pull off the other two and that's not happening right now.

I had some pattern issues, which is why it took me three cast ons and three entire turtlenecks to figure out I was doing something wrong. I'd slip it over my head and I could have put Nate in there with me. And ya'll, he's got a huge head. And no, it wasn't my gauge. So I did some recalculating and dropped the stitch count to 90 stitches so it goes over my head but still fits comfortably on my neck. Perfect. Except that it promptly threw off the rest of the pattern. I emailed with Robin a few times and tried a few fixes, and I eventually got it to work out right. At 2 a.m. this morning. That's dedication. Or insanity.

Once finished, I will wear the crap out of this top. Until it gets really hot, of course.