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Monday, May 14, 2007

one of those days...

Definitely had a 'case of the Mondays' today. Got to work and saw that my check engine light was on. I knew I needed an oil change anyway (desperately), so I called up the Honda dealership and scurried over there after work. They charged me $42 to tell me that my gas cap wasn't screwed on all the way. Oh really? Thanks. So. Much.

I was already in a funk. I'm sort of in a holding pattern in a lot of ways, like I can't even find something good to knit after finishing my socks, and I'm waiting for other people to act on some issues cause I've already done my part on the various things, and I'm also a little anxious about taking 3 classes this semester which starts next week. For someone as impatient as me, it's very, very, very hard to just...wait. Unbearable even. I tend to try to force some sort of resolution because I can't stand the anxiety. And I therefore do a lot of fidgeting. But that's not going to work this time and would be incredibly inefficient and probably kind of pushy. So, I'm just going to have to suffer through and hope that the myriad of results I'm waiting for have a favorable conclusion. I'd list them all out, but you'd be bored.

Instead, I'll show you what arrived on my doorstep and gently coaxed me from my funk...

A whole book of Harry Potter projects for my inner Hogwarts lover. Written by Alison over at the blue blog, this book has so many cute things, and some really practical knits too. I can already see myself in an Invisibility Shawl and a House Sweater.

And I did finally find something to knit today. Nate and I been working on becoming a greener household as part of our resolution for this year, and I lately noticed that we have an exorbitant amount of plastic bags from the grocery stores. They're great for scooping after the animals, but otherwise they just sit there in a pile waiting to be used.

In my greening effort, I'm starting a collection of Saturday Market bags to use at the store instead of plastic. I'm using the modifications from Liesl's blog. The yarn you see here is hemp for knitting in chocolate, that was a gift from Robyn. How appropriate, right? I believe we should use hemp for more products, as it has many uses. You can read more here and especially here if you're interested.

I have a ton of cotton demin yarn, and I'll be using that for the next one, though it may be a tad bigger. This hemp will stretch some, but not as much as cotton and it would be nice to have a bigger bag sometimes.

Do ya'll find yourself making a conscious effort to be more green lately? Maybe it's in the air, or maybe it's just Athens. Either way, I'm curious to see if anyone else is feeling this vibe.