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Monday, May 07, 2007

Ah Monday...

Thanks so much for all the potential options, ya'll. The email conversations have been wonderful, and you guys truly are the best. I'm meeting with my adviser tomorrow and hopefully I'll have a tad more perspective on the whole thing.

I'm also very thankful for a little break from classes. Last night I actually knit! And for more than just 30 minutes. I (re)finished the toe on one RPM sock and turned the heel on the second. I might actually have a pair of socks to show by the end of the week! (you should all faint dead away now.)

And I worked on a few things to clear my mind this weekend.

Wish You Were Here (which may evolve and adapt, as I'm not so sure I love it):

Hey There Delilah:

Under the Pink:

(I had a slightly Tori weekend, what can I say?)

On a related knitting note (lol, I typed knote poor widdle brain), my coworker, who is a good deal older than me yet MORE scary liberal and way greener than me (not that those things are bad, I'm inspired really) wants to learn to knit (sorry for all the parentheses). I showed her the yarn I sent out last week and she gasped...I had her from hello. Anyway, tomorrow I'm taking her Stitch N Bitch and some needles and yarn. Muahahahaha! Soon we shall rule the world! One green hippy feminist at a time! (p.s. have I mentioned how much I love this town lately? seriously)