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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stash Madness!

So here's my plea for help. I have tons of lovely stash, yet I keep buying more yarn! And I have no method to this madness, only that I must have gorgeous yarn, regardless of whether or not there is a pattern planned for said yarn. I swear, the pretty yarns just jump in to my hands at the yarn store, and I HAVE to take them home. Otherwise they jump into my bag and it looks like I'm stealing!! My yarn has serious attitude

But I need help. Sure, yeah psychological help is a given. More importantly, I need help finding projects for some of my kick-ass stash! Come on! We all know knitting is more important than mental health! Ditch your therapist, grab some needles! Er...the knitting kind!


This is Lana Grossa Lambswool. I have 12 or 15 balls of it. Wait, I should really go count. Wow. 15 balls of this cutie tiny pink wool. What am I going to do with it? It's very nice to work with and very springy. I like it a lot, I'm just not sure what to do with it all. Forgive my crappy photography skills.

Gauge: 25 st. and 35 rows over 4 inches, on US 3 needles.

Next up is Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Chocolate (on the right). Like I could put back yarn named Chocolate! It practically knocked me over to come home with me! Inconceivable! Two balls. No clue.

Gauge: 22 st. and 30 rows over 4 inches, on US 6.

And now...DENIM! I really wanted to do a cabled cardigan or something, but I just haven't found anything I love for this yarn. 11 balls of very very dark indigo that gets all over my hand and needles, but when washed is just gorgeous, as the dye fades a bit leaving white flecks here and there. Yummy denim 80s goodness. Minus the acid wash.

Gauge: 22 st. and 30 rows over 4 inches on US 3.

I've save the best for last...Richesse et Soie. 65% cashmere, 35% silk. Yum. I've considered socks, but I'm betting the cashmere will pill like mad. There's no gauge info, but it's tiny.

Any thoughts? All comments welcome, even ones that say "give it all to Denise!!".

Monday, December 26, 2005

Greetings from Chaos

But from chaos comes clarity right?

I had a bout of insanity today and sometimes the only way to cure it is to set out to organize a few things.

So, I used my shiny new gift certificates and went shopping!!I got a shoe rack for my recent shoe fetish. Ok I don't have an actual fetish, just a lot of shoes. That pile up in front of my closet door mysteriously. Seriously, I have no idea how they get there.

Now, they live happily in pairs (omg, pairs!! not random pile o' shoes anymore!) on a little rack away from my closet door. We'll see how long it takes before they jump in front of my closet door again.

Thus began the nuttiness in the Lotus household. I cleaned out my knitting bags. All 5 of them. Yes, FIVE knitting bags, of various sizes. I sorted projects, needles, stitch markers and actual yarn and got myself down to one bag, with one book and one (ok, two) projects. But one project is short and sweet and the other is a the Backyard Leaves scarf.

Project one is from Stitch N Bitch Nation, called Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers. I'm using some gifted Rowan Cashsoft DK in Savannah. I love it. Love. It's so soft and easy to work with. These glove thingies are for my tiny hands while I sit at the computer and game away the night. No matter how many layers I put on, my hands are always cold. And there's no fingers so I can still type. Cause yeah I might heal my group mates from time to time, but most of the time I'm chatting, hehe.

I've actually unknit back about four rows and started the ribbing early because my hands are pretty small. I've also just ripped out the thumb because it was too long also. I've gone back to the original gusset stitches and just picked up a few around the thumb and bound off, so there's a thumb hole, but not really a knitted thumb! And I love the leaf and vine pattern. So cute and easy to follow!

Project 2 in my knitting bag is Backyard Leaves. And it's coming along, slowly but surely. I'm not in any hurry since our winter is practically over, and this scarf is for moi. Yeah that's two total repeats. I'm so slow. Or is that lazy? Oh wait, I forgot that I got distracted by project 1. Can you say knitting ADD?

Tomorrow there will be lots of drool-worthy yarnporn. And a cry for help.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fur and craziness

My dog says "Happy Holidays and junk".

He slept next to me all night. Which is very sweet. And warm.

But after my shower, I find this.

"I love you so much mom, that I give you fur on the pillow! Oops now it's in your nose. Oh and your mouth too. Oopsie! But aren't I cute and sweet? See the tight little ball I make on your pillow? Isn't it endearing? Er...Merry Christmas?! Thanks for the stuffed toy with the squeaker. Um...I killed it already, can I get another?"

Guilty face. Fur on my pillow. I should have made the bed...but he's just so damned cute.

Ooooh I'm finally on a roll again with Backyard Leaves. Pretty sure I have it down this time and I'm almost finished with the first full repeat, so I'll have a few pictures tomorrow.

Incoming Rant (conservatives

On to the craziness...this woman has lost her mind. She says "I think the government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle East, and sending liberals to Guantanamo." Merry fucking Holidays to you too Ann.

And we wonder why there's no Holiday (insert whatever you celebrate here) spirit. I bet she'd run you over with her SUV to get to the next sale at Macy's. While talking on her cell phone. Loudly. To Sean Hannity.

She goes on to talk about how it's ok to spy on folks because we're at war. Nevermind that it's AGAINST THE LAW. And nevermind that Congress NEVER DECLARED WAR. Because we're not at war with a particular country or person. We're at war with an IDEA. And it's not a war anyone can actually win. If anything, more countries and nationalities hate us now more than ever. Because we're not afraid to bomb and take over your country on a whim.

We're also not afraid to hand over the keys to a guy who, despite the incredible education and hard work of his staff of excellent writers, still can't say the word 'nuclear' correctly.

Roast that on your open fire, Ann. Hope your stocking is full of coal.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Family leaves

To answer the challenge posted by Grumperina, I've done a bit of thinking on who knows of this blog and why I've filled them in, if I have at all.

I created this little space not only for knitting fun but for many areas of my life, because as much as I try to categorize, it all flows together anyway and I can't just NOT talk about something that's on my mind. Unless it's wholly inappropriate and no one would care anyway. But I feel sure that will all come the surface in its due time!!

Does my family know about my blog? Nope. They're entirely too judgmental and think everything I do is silly anyway. I think I might have accidentally-on-purpose favorited the site on my sister-in-law's computer last week. But she knits and games too, so I'm sure she'll understand!

My grandmother can't navigate the internet, my mom would be appalled by my holiday post, and my step-father would try to analyze me. No thanks. My dad wouldn't care at all, my brothers would make fun of me, and I don't even really know my step sisters, so I wouldn't tell them squat.

I'm the family nut job who likes to be creative and try to accomplish a few things in life, much to the chagrin and misunderstanding of those who think I've lost it. Usually I have a hard time sticking with creative things, which is probably why I get little support, but I'm going on 2 years of knitting addiction, and just try and pry me from my needles!

I have a few friends who know about it, but they rarely bother, which is fine with me. This is for ME and my sanity!! If you happen to read, awesome. If not, that's cool too.

Just don't tell my mom. Mkay?

And now, a little Backyard Leaves mojo. Which is soon to be ripped out for the eleventy thousanth time b/c I just noticed that I screwed up...again...all the way through the pattern.

Damn I'm brilliant.

First, this is what I had to do to the chart after about 5 false starts. I've enlarged the chart and highlighted all the right side rows and marked arrows showing which direction to knit each row.

Then I get about this far, and realize it's time to rip again because I still can't read. But you can sort of see a leaf forming on the right! Sort of!

Today at lunch I got through an entire repeat section only to realize there is ONE stich that I have not been knitting correctly. ONE people! The Bree Van de Camp that lives in my head, says "Well, we'll just have to start over!".

Sometimes I could smack her.

As retail therapy, I got this today. Call it my Christmas gift from the Knitting Elves (not Elvis, ELVES).

Denise, I know it has your name on it, but they're still not yours...

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Real Entry...

This workout brought to you by my beloved White Stripes. And the number 3 and the letters O and W.

My plan is to compete in the spring of 2006, so in an effort to get started in my comp prep, I hit the gym this evening.

I've been extremely lazy lately (meaning two months or so) and so now I'm very squishy and just generally gross. Hanging onto about 20% bf, which I know is not horrible, but on my 5'2 frame, it aint great either.

So, tonight I started back so that next week I won't be dead from 10 lb dumbells.

But oooowwwww!!! My muscles are screaming! I fatigued after about 35 minutes of my chest/back workout.

It went something like this...

5 sets of 15 with moderate weight, back to back with no rest, resting after each group of two exercises:
Seated Row and Machine Chest Press
Lat Pulls and Military Press (the cause of my fatigue, hit my shoulders too hard)
Bent Over Barbell Rows and Incline Bench Press

There was another set but I couldn't get any further. Glad I decided to er...break myself in. Yeah. I'm sure I'll be thinking that tomorrow too.

This part of my fat loss training plan, and would normally include cardio. Either I didn't have enough to eat, or I just worked my shoulders so much that my chest couldn't do anything because I was wiped after just that much of a workout.

But I do have a kick ass cardio plan, thanks to Karen reminding me that running is my friend and helping me tailor the plan I made for her long ago into a plan for me.

Running and I will have to warm up to each other though. Right now, we mutually scowl and call each other names.

Thank god for mp3 players and Jack White!

OOH! And pics of Backyard Leaves tomorrow!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have a confession.

I am all about the big picture. I detest the details. With a flaming, riotous passion. I would have mentioned it in the 10 random things below, but's a detail I casually skipped over. I'd rather have my chai latte, thanks.

And so I'm making an early resolution: I'm hereby and officially making karmic restitution for the details I've skipped over in my life.

Why? Oh come on, details details. Oh wait. Karmic Restitution. Fine. I hereby (yada, see above...damn it) because I realized over the weekend that I've missed a LOT of great things thanks to my crybaby whinyass itty-bitty problem with the details.

My predicament is this: I could be doing other things, instead of focusing on the details. Bigger things. somewhere faster, and er...doing more stuff. Yeah. Those things. But I realized that just because you get to the top of the mountain, doesn't mean you've enjoyed the trip. I'm always looking for the next best thing instead of focusing on the HERE AND NOW. So I miss a lot of things. Details.

I cleaned my kitchen before I left for the Bahamas. But when I got home, it looked disgusting to me. I mean filthy. And it's all because of the little things. The goo spilling down the white cabinets that I glanced over. Yeah, it's gross. I told you I hate to clean. Then there's also the toaster oven and the microwave that never get moved when I wipe down the counters. Trust me that I found some icky ass shit under my ever-so-trusty appliances.

So I've decided I've had enough. I took everything off the counter and wiped it all down. I even took apart the spice rack because it looked dusty. Hey, what? I don't cook either. I wiped down all the cabinets. Hell I even cleaned out the fridge. Horrors!! Run for your lives! The moldy things LIVE!!!! I would have taken pictures, but I thought I'd spare you the monstrosities of my kitchen.

The bliss I felt afterwards was better than sex. Seriously. If being a little cleaner is all it takes to make me that high, look the fuck out world. I have (insert name brand) cleaner and a sponge, and I will scrub with fury! Then again, maybe I just need more sex.

Now, if only I can apply this to my knitting...

That Backyard Leaves scarf is totally calling my name, but I can already feel it giving me a headache.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bahama Mama!

God, relaxation rocks.

So does free food. Whenever you want it. And Ben & Jerry's. And coffee laced with liquor.

Mmmm. Drunk is gooooood.

The hubby and I, along with all his fun folks from work went to the Bahamas for the weekend, courtesy of the Generous Doctor Guy, whom I have still yet to meet. But he's very generous. The cruise was free.

Free baby, free.

Merry Hannumas!!

Welcome to Nassau!

Home of cheap liquor, cigars, and jewelry (and some kick ass plantains!). As well as folks who drive on the left side of the road. Took me a while to figure out what the hell was up with the traffic.

And this is the fab boat that drove us around. And made us think we might puke.

Yes, the water really is that blue and clear, straight to the sea floor.

And this is the hubby, sporting his sunburn.

Ain't he cute?!?!?

And this is the token frat boy.

Who ate more food than anyone else. Eating three plates full at the buffet, then marching upstairs to eat in the dining room. Then ordering 2 pizzas and 2 cheeseburgers from room service at 5 am. I bet he didn't gain a pound. Jackass.

This is the B&J. On the ship. 3 floors from my room. I indulged, and more than I'm willing to admit...

And on the final night, a picture of the hubby and I. We hardly ever manage to get a picture together, so cherish it. Of course, we're at the bar. Good times, yeah, good times.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Since my internet connection is crap, hubby and I rented some movies over the weekend. I grew up with skater boys, so I demanded we get Lords of Dogtown. It's amazing that I can still swoon over young boys with long hair on a skate board. Not that I actually want them, they're just cute as hell. I want to ruffle their hair and laugh when it embarrasses them. Yup, I'm still a mean girl.

We also watched SuperSize Me. Oh. My. God. I'm going back to being vegan asap. Go ahead and cheer Sasha, and get out your Grit cookbook. Okay only giving up the fast food part though. I can't live without seafood.

And sorry I didn't make our KA (hereby referring to our meetings as Knitter's Anonymous) meeting this weekend. I wanted to go, but I had to go shopping. On three hours sleep. And an empty tummy. And I didn't buy anything. Oh, except a t-shirt because by noon it was 80 degrees and all I took was a sweater. Gotta love the south in December, ya'll! But I did knit the whole time, I swear. And I thought of all the yarnporn I was missing out on. And the coffee. And all my hot girls.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Semi-Random Things

So Crazy Aunt Purl made me do this. Seriously. She said her cat would claw me to death if I didn't. Or something like that.

Ten Random things you may not know about me:

1. I have recurring nightmares about tornados. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it dozens. Some how I always manage to be safe, but they are definitely coming to get me and they usually get pretty close. I'm sure psychologically this is about chaos, but I can't imagine why I would fear chaos. Come on, I love being chaotic! I'll go be chaotic right now! Right after I finish this list...

2. I'm an insane list maker. And yes, I'm loving this group of lists. They're even in descending numerical order. The order queen in me is in absolute nirvana. But I CAN do chaos. Shut up, I'm serious.

3. I horde notebooks and pens and am not to be trusted in a office supply store.

4. Despite my notebook fascination, I usually keep all my notes and lists on post-its. See? That's chaotic right?

5. I started college as a pre-vet major. And quickly changed my mind (more chaos). I moved on to English, Psychology, Botany, Landscape Design, and finally settled on Journalism with an emphasis on TV, radio and film. It was an interesting trip to say the least, and I broadened my education like mad. Isn't that what college is for? Still, I regret (just a teensy tiny bit) that I didn't get a degree in some science. I'm smart. I could have done it. But my laziness and hatred of actual work drove me away.

6. I'm chronically late for everything. If it looks like I'm going to be on time, I'll find a diversion. So sometimes I'm just late. Other times I'm late on purpose. I think I just like being stressed about getting where I'm going and trying to drive fast to make it. It's a disease I tell you. And very chaotic.

7. I'm extremely lazy about cleaning. Yet on occasion (typically Sunday mornings), I decide that everything must be spotless. Now. If you're caught resting on your ass and not helping me clean, the day will not go well for you.

8. I order the same thing every time I visit a restaurant. I might try something new via the hubby, but I don't order it for myself. Case in point: Outback = Chicken on the Barbie, side of veggies and sweet potato, butter/cinnamon/brown sugar stuff on the side. Thai Cafe = Masaman Tofu (it rocks, ya'll). Applebees = Blackened Chicken Salad, half order. Barbara Jeans = Crab Cakes, squash casserole, broccoli/rice casserole...I'm not even sure there's anything else on the menu. The way I see it, if I'm going to pay to feed my craving at a favorite restaurant, why waste it on something I might not like?

9. At 16 I had a love affair with the Bee Gees. I still have vinyl, 8 tracks, tapes and CD's stored in a closet. No, I will not destroy, sell, or eBay them. Shut up.

10. Right now I'm horribly bored with food. All food. I can't think of anything I want or like. I barely buy anything at the grocery store. I flip through cookbooks but see nothing I really want to eat or bother cooking. I go through cycles of this and they seem pretty random to me, though I'm sure they're not.

Nine places I've visited:

1. Hawaii - Maui and Kauaii
2. NYC
3. Vegas
4. LA
5. San Diego
6. Naples, FL
7. Chicago
8. Sunapee, NH
9. Cooperstown, NY

Eight ways to win my heart:

1. Make me laugh.
2. Challenge my mind.
3. Be honest. About everything.
4. Open doors for me.
5. Be polite and helpful to other people.
6. Bring me chocolate!
7. Tell me I look amazing even when I don't. I'm not going to believe it, but it's the thought that counts.
8. Snuggle on the couch with me while we watch stupid movies.

Seven things I want to do before I die:

1. Write a book.
2. See England, France, and Italy. And Australia, and Japan and...
3. Have really great legs.
4. Place in a figure competiton.
5. Sky dive.
6. Hike the Grand Canyon.
7. Meet the Dali Lama.

Six things that scare me:

1. Tornados.
2. Wasps.
3. Bad drivers.
4. Religious fanatics.
5. Ultra Conservatives.
6. Ann Coulter.

Five things I don't like:

1. People who don't tip well and/or are rude to waiters.
2. Well, rude people in general really. We all have our own problems and issues, don't exacerbate things by being a jackass.
3. Olives. Any kind.
4. Nails on a chalkboard. Eeeek.
5. Waking up. Especially before 10:30 on the weekends.

Four ways to turn me off:

1. Be rude.
2. Compare me to your ex. Or your mom. Or Gwen Stefani. Cause really, no one will ever be as cool as her. No one.
3. Talk to me like I'm stupid.
4. Don't say thank you when I do nice things for you. Really. I don't have to, you know.

Three things I do every day:

1. Drink Diet Dr. Pepper.
2. Eat a protein bar.
3. Play Evercrack2.

Two things that make me happy:

1. Dark chocolate.
2. Kitty snuggles.

One thing on my mind right now:

1. To eat, or not to eat, that is the question.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Look Ma!

As promised, My So Called Scarf in all its glory!

First, a close up of the stitch pattern:

And here it is graciously modeled, by yours truly:

Don't I so look the part of a Starlet?!? It's the plain white Hanes t-shirt. It exudes sexy. And it's totally screaming, "Unattainable!"

I must admit, that while I LOVE this scarf, I do not love the way the yarn worked and sort of made its own vertical stripes like the painfully obvious brown one in the above shot. Next time (and there will be a next time, when I live somewhere that it actually gets cold for more than two weeks), I will do the smart knitter's trick and knit two rows at a time with each of the two skeins of yarn required for the project, so that my coloring patterns are a bit more random and a lot less stripy.

Regardless, this is now a Finished Christmas Gift for my aunt (sorry mom, you turned up your nose!), who was deprived of a scarf last year because of time restrictions and my limited abilities. She watched me finish it over Thanksgiving and said in my ear, "It's worth the wait."

I'll take that complement and run with it!

A Starlet? Me?

Yeah ok, that might work. I kinda figured I'd get The Whore though.

What is your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla

Saw this quiz on Priestess of Nothing and could not resist!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Visually Stunned

Ok, I see this (clicky on Cabling with out a Cable needle, and thank you Grumperina, you may have renewed my interest in cables). And I'm working it out in my head. But you know, I'm just going to have to DO IT for it to really make sense.

And Trellis is totally screwing with my head by doing the "slip 2 to cable needle, purl one" thing. How does this work if I want to do it without the cable needle? I'm flummoxed. Any thoughts?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

So Called Booga

Ah, Thanksgiving. Usually a time for, well, thanks. And family. And lots of food. Lots.

My family is, well, a little different. Oh there was plenty of food. All ten of us ate for two whole days and still had plenty left over. And we were thankful for it, and for each other.

So why is it that I'm ready to go back home in about an hour, even after a seven hour drive? Maybe it's the subtle guilt trips from the step-dad about not visiting often enough. Maybe it's the not-so-subtle guilt trips from grandma for never being good enough. But it's not just me, that particular guilt trip applies to everyone. Maybe it's the unhappiness that pervades my older brother's every fiber, from his pending divorce (which we can all see, but he can't) to his constant physical misery. Maybe it's my aunt's sad emotionally abusive marriage that everyone acknowledges but she refuses to leave.

But, I don't drive home despite all the white elephants having one hell of a tea party in my parent's living room. Despite the constant references to my black sheep status for having tattoos and piercings and standing up for myself by divorcing my first (alcoholic) husband and marrying someone I really love. Despite the fact that I want to scream for everyone to just be honest with each other and deal with all the issues that we all know about but won't discuss.

I stay because I love them, despite their flaws and blindnesses. If we were all married, well, I'd probably get a divorce. But still. Family is family, and I can do the best I can for them by loving them unconditionally. By honoring their choices and not criticizing them. By smiling knowingly when they beg me not to get any more tattoos or move to Colorado, or to please hurry up and have children (ahem, no thanks, not on your life....yet).

And instead of expressing my frustrations to their fullest extent, I thank the universe for everything I can think of (including my slightly disfunctional family), and especially those things that I believe are possible. Because you don't have anything if you don't have hopes and dreams. And family is just a bunch of people around a table without being grateful for them, regardless of everything else.

And now some knitting!

This is Booga, pre-felting, pre-assembly:

This is Booga, post felting and assembly:

Not too shabby, eh? It's not actually as crooked or asymmetrical as it appears, I just suck at taking pics. I even had one of myself, but...erm...yeah, it was scrapped immediately!

Upcoming posts include the completed scarf, which will now go to my aunt, a competition plan, some yarnporn, and the unabashed beating of my internal editor, who I'm nicknaming Bree Van de Camp. You'll meet her soon enough, though you can probably guess what kind of psycho prude she is.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Now where did those pictures go?

I know I took some...oh yes, there they are. Still on my camera. Which has a deadish battery.

However, I did take some lovely (well ok not really "lovely") pictures of my current projects and I'll get them up soon.

In other news, I've finished the Booga Bag and it's blocking and drying, then I'll attach the straps, take another picture and give it away! I realized my friend Karen would absolutley adore the colors, far more than I would anyway, so another Christmas gift complete! Maybe I'll make that one again because it was really easy and next time I'll pick some colors I like working with. But, I will not use Noro again. Maybe a Noro other than the suggested Kureyon. I don't have very sensitive hands, but they just did not agree with the wool and the texture of the Noro. I have some lovely Lamb's Pride bulky in a pink, purple and green that might also work.

Uh list of knitting projects just grew by one...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Coming to a Holiday gift near you...

So I'm about half way done with the holiday knitting, considering that there isn't very much to do.

I'm working on Trellis from for my one year old neice. It's about that pastel green color too, in a very soft 100% cotton that I love working with. The work is pretty easy, once I increased the size of the chart so I could read it. When I do sit down to work on it, I try to do a few rows at a time so I can see some progress. Ok honestly though, probably closer to about 25% done on this one...about two repeats into the back section, which yes, is the FIRST section. I know I know, stop gaming, and start knitting or that little girl is gonna freeze!

I will, on maybe a long weekend or something. Oh Thanksgiving is coming...plenty of time!! Tralala.

And then there's My So Called Scarf . For my mom.Or myself...I'll decide when I'm done! I got the same gorgeous colors of Manos del Uraguay as mentioned in the pattern quite by accident. My sweet hubby picked up the skein at the yarn store and went "ooooh this one!!!", so I bought two and got started. Novice me did not know that with hand dyed yarn you should knit two rows from each ball to keep things even. *sigh* No way I'm ripping that thing out now! It really is beautiful, even if one side is a shade darker than the other!

And then there is dear sock attempt #1. He is now swimming in the frog pond, and my lovely Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Juniper is back in a nice ball begging to be used on a better first sock pattern. Or a better brain, whichever comes first. Dibs on the pattern.

I really do want to try a sock. Really. But damn, that first attempt just wasn't even fun. Until I got to the heel. Now that was cool. And then it was over. Again, I need a good pattern or to learn not to read from two patterns at once. *lightbulb*

OH! And like any good blogger, I will have pictures up soon :) And technically, this site is very much under construction. Look for a new banner and links this weekend!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And so it begins...

Hmm. This blog is about so many things. I can't promise to be witty and I can't promise to post every day. This is as much a place for me to keep up with myself, as it is for others to keep up with me.

Some of the topics covered here will be:

1. knitting (should I ever really finish anything good)
2. figure competitions (should I ever get to the stage, damn it - shooting for March/April 2006)
3. writing (I did major in journalism...I think)
4. and whatever else I think of on any given day.

Today, I'm a little flustered and feeling the need to write.

But I'm not going to. I'm funky like that. Sometimes it's better to stew in that flusteredness (a word? it is now!) and really create something profound rather than just toss it up and out there. Words are funny that way.

Sometimes the unedited sounds delicious. Sometimes it's just junk. Today it would have been. And a bit too detailed for a few folks to handle, hence this edit.

And that's enough from this little southern belle. If you could call me that. Southern, yes, but only because I still have an accent...sort of. Belle, well, not so much really.

Southern bitch is more like it. But that's a band. A band that rocks.