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Friday, August 15, 2008

Subscription Buttons are UP!

Oh look, it's Friday! YAY!

Subscription buttons for the Big Ass Yarn Club are up on the sidebar! ---->

Happy Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

first rule of yarn club...

Y'all. What a couple of weeks! After a month and a half of Deadsville at work, things are ramping up again very quickly. Nothing like a Monday slap in the face with a pile of work and loads of student questions. Not that I mind, it's just shocking. Last week I was the only person in the building after 3 p.m. and it was slow times. This week is in hyperdrive, heading toward Ludicrous Speed. I'm waiting for things to go plaid.

I start Instructional Design and Development graduate classes on Monday. Yay for a big title after my name when I'm done! "Instructional Designer". Sounds serious. And important. I'm excited (for the classes, not the title :P). So Mondays and Wednesdays I'll be in class after work, then on Tuesdays I'll be teaching knitting at the yarn store from 6-8. Busy. Little. Bee. I'll also be dyeing up yarn for the next club - see below!

For an uber-quick knitting update, I've finished the Shetland Triangle (rav links to my pictures) and I'm about half way through Hey Teach for the Ravelympics. I've cast on for the Bellatrix socks but they're starting to look like something I'd never wear so I'm reconsidering.

Last weekend I went to a great baby shower (congrats, Erin!) with LOADS of people and kids and yummy food. April and Herschel hosted - they are awesome, as is their little girl Paisley - love that name! p.s. Herschel, you too can be an internet celebrity. Carry on.

One last thing. (i'm really good at wrapping up two weeks of life into a couple of little paragraphs, no?) Last night Nate and I and some friends saw Gnarls Barkley at the 40 Watt. What a fun show!

And now for the club info!!!!!

I’m opening sign ups for The Big Ass Yarn Club on Friday, August 15th! I'll close sign ups September 15th or whenever the club is full.

With this club you’ll be getting three monthly shipments (mid October, November, and December) of TWO big skeins of handdyed yarn. By the end you'll have two each of a superwash worsted, an alpaca worsted, and a superwash BULKY yarn. No skinny yarn here! And plenty of yardage for a big scarf, a hat and mitten set, or huge fluffy socks! Each shipment is $30 plus priority shipping and I'll have paypal buttons on the side bar on Friday so you can sign up right here.

I'll have two buttons again - one for the full amount of the club and one for three monthly installments. If you didn't participate in the Punk Rock Sock Club, and you sign up for the Big Ass Yarn Club, please shoot me an email with your name and shipping address. Digging through paypal for addresses last time was a nightmare so I created a database to make my life a little easier!

Thanks for playing along!!