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Monday, October 30, 2006

these socks did not kill me

And I have them BEFORE Halloween, as promised. These are now my official Punkin Day socks. Or any other damn day I choose.

Pattern : Jaywalker by Grumperina
Yarn: Socktoberfest by ScoutJ

The first sock took infinitely longer than the second. Having a deadline helped motivate me to finish, and I blew through the second one. It's way cool to have handmade socks on my feet. Crafted by these two hands. These! Mine! It is reminiscent of Tom Hanks on the beach and his pride at having made a fire. I have made sock! Not just one, but two! And they match! And fit! And they're so cool I think I might faint!

My costume tomorrow is Awesome Chick in Jaywalkers. Or serial killer. One of those.

(and god did i really post 3x in the last 7 days? what has the world come to?!?)

i can't sleep

i woke up this morning unable to move. at some point in the night the muscles in my neck seized up and it hurt so much i couldn't even turn over. after several muscle relaxers, muscle creams and a heating pad, it feels better, but not enough to let me sleep.

i'm also a bit depressed, and i can't put my finger on why. i'm doing so well right now, with the whole grad school thing and looking at houses and my insomnia has greatly diminished, so i can't figure out what's bugging me. and i hate a mystery. surprises too. i like to know what's going on so much that it almost makes me obsessive after an answer. growing up, it was almost impossible for my parents to surprise me at christmas. i can hunt down a stocking stuffer like no one else. and if it's a person i'm trying to figure out, god help them. i develop a weird stalkeresque vibe and i dig and dig and dig until i find what i'm looking for. then i just retreat back into my head and contemplate what the world means with my new-found information. i can't stand being left in the dark, or worse, lied to...that just makes me want to know more and dig harder. but at the end of the day, i just want to know what's going on.

so maybe it's that in the last few weeks i've gotten a lot of messages on my myspace account from guys i used to date, with the usual wording being 'hey stranger! what's up? how ya been?'. the immediate response in my head is along the lines of 'you dumped me in college and you wanna know how the fuck i am?!? don't make me get shitty with you, asshole' and 'i dumped you and i still remember why, and i still have nothing to say'. old friends are great to hear from, but someone who wouldn't return my phone calls can fuck off. still, i can't help but wonder what the hell they're thinking. they're probably losing their hair and having early midlife crises.

ok i just stubbed my toe and cut my foot open. i think it's time to attempt sleep again. maybe.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

good things

1. I finished one Jaywalker, and have started on the other.

2. I'm getting a fat raise in January.

3. I scored a 434 on the MAT, out of 500, and I only needed 374 to get in. (p.s. i rock)

4. I'm going to grad school.

Monday, October 23, 2006

many things, one post

Last week took about 3 days too long. All work and no play makes me tres boring and also a little brain-fried. And very frustrated at my job and all the changes. And I'm still waiting to hear my test results to see if I get into grad school. Also, I want to buy a house RIGHT. NOW. And then have babies (twins, please, so I only have to do the whole labor thing once), and knit lots and lots of sweaters and wee things. Be glad you aren't totally subject to the workings of my brain. Ya'll would be fried too.

Yesterday I was home sick and finally went to the doctor for this month-long cough. The usual suspects are to blame: upper respiratory infection/bronchitis. I get the same thing all the time thanks to my allergies and asthma. Allergies cause mucus, while the asthma makes my lungs weak. Slap me with some TB and call me a lunger.

While I was home, I was privy to the insane amount of cuteness that goes on here during the day. I give you shameful evidence:

Tristan snuggled in my blanket while I took a shower.

Murphy and Sydney keep the computer chair warm.

Tristan and Molly get a solar recharge.

I'm in serious need of updating, and a big shout out of "Thanks, you rock!" to my Funky Scarf Pal, Kristin.

I love this scarf. The blues are exactly me. And she sent some yummy pink yarn and lots of Asian goodies!!

And a bit of Jaywalker progress:

I love this yarn, and I am ready to wear these things already!! I wish I knit faster, cause it's getting cold around here. My toes need wool! I will finish this toe tomorrow and immediately cast on for the second one. I will have a completed pair of socks by Halloween if it kills me.

I am still going to write a pattern for the corset scarf, I just haven't gotten to it yet. But soon. It's really pretty easy, I just have to sit down and map it all out.

In other random news - go see The Departed. I love Matt Damon in many sick ways, so it creeps me out that he looks a LOT like my little brother. A lot. Good script, awesome cast, crappy continuity (so sayeth the film major), and a bit too much of the shootings in the head. I'm not a DeCaprio fan, but I totally bought his performance. Jack rocks, of course. Overall, a good movie with lots of bad cops (a total shocker, I know).

Also, I picked up the new My Chemical Romance CD today. Not sure yet if I like it. It might be a little too over produced for my sweet punk heart. But I love with a passion the Open Door CD from Evanescence. If you have any feeling for Amy Lee, you will go get it now before I steal her voice and run away to be a rock star in some other country. 'Call Me When You're Sober' and 'Weight of the World' are my favs. Not many women make me swoon, damn it. Buy. It. Now. or the drummer gets it. I'm just sayin.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Socktoberfest & FSS

**Edited to add: I'll be writing up the pattern in the next few weeks since there seems to be a tad of demand for it.

I'm back from Philly, and they kept us so busy that I had no time to knit (other than put the finishing touches on the Funky Scarf for Michelle), and I didn't even see Philly or do anything worth mentioning, aside from working my ass off.

However, now that I'm back, I've started on a pair of Jaywalkers with the Socktoberfest yarn from Scout (who is awesome, as is her yarn).

Drool at the yumminess of it all.

Aren't those colors just perfect for fall? I plan to have these finished by Halloween. I actually started another pattern and realized about 3 rows in that this yarn would make kickass Jaywalkers. And so it shall be.

As for the Funky Scarf, it got sent out on Friday to Michelle in Canada. I really hope she likes it. I went with a corset theme, using Elsbeth Lavold's Hempathy in Off White. I knit two identical strips lengthwise and joined them together at the lace section using a green velvet ribbon. I also used yarn overs strung with ribbon to create a boning type effect. Then I imbellished with some silk rosettes, and tied the ribbons at the bottom for fringe.

Some Detail!

Closer boning detail.

Yet another view.

My only regret is that I didn't have my steamer with me, as I had blocked the pieces prior to putting them together and the edges had begun to curl. They could have used a final blocking for a slightly crisper look. Regardless, I like it a lot, and when I get some time, I'll probably make one similar to this for myself.

Friday, October 06, 2006


just found out i'm flying to philadelphia on sunday for a week-long work training conference.

there had better be some good shopping and lots of yarn stores, and maybe a little history for fun.

i should remember to pack my camera.

maybe i'll be able to pop in while i'm gone with knitting pics, cause i plan to take a few projects along so i can finish them. oh la la!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

b'day recap

Remember how I'm not so great with the details? Let's just say we had a lot of fun at Emeril's for my big fat birthday (and thanks for the good wishes everyone!). Food was good, service was awesome, company was even better than all that. The restaurant is gorgeous and we'll definitely go back, but we'll probably just have appetizers and drinks instead of a full course meal.

My birthday was awesome. It was a beautiful day, and I just felt amazing. I spent most of the day being very high energy and feeling one with everything (cause I am everything and everything is me. ya'll know*).

And now plans are in full swing for our May trip to California. Lisa and I bought travel books, cause all I know about is LA. We'll probably fly into LA and drive up the coast then fly out from somewhere up there, maybe Portland? That would rock.

I'm madly working on my funky scarf for the swap, and it will be ready, blocked and put together on Friday. Then it's back to my sweater and casting on some socks. I have strange sock urges these days.

*(and apparently my stalkers know too. cut it out already, you suck.)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm officially 30.

I guess it's ok, since I was really lucky to survive 20 (drunken near-death experiences) and 25 (divorce).

When I was very young, I was convinced that I wouldn't make it to 16, so in that respect, being 30 is fucking awesome.

And now my family officially has permission to bug me for babies.

Dear gods help me.