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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Effect and Cause

I have so many irons in the fire that I hardly know what to do with myself. I usually have a song in my head, and they're often about whatever is going on in my life, sometimes unconsciously, and it's funny how I suddenly realize what I've been singing and how it applies and I'm often stunned that my brain spit out that little song and I've been singing it and not really getting the connection until I do. Weird.

And that my friends, is why I pay attention to whatever song is in my head when I wake up. My new favorite song is Effect and Cause by the White Stripes. Makes me giggle every time.


I have lots of businessy type things going on, what with setting up accounts with Louet (mmm) and a few other places. I also want to start damn near everything in my queue so that I can wear it all to work at my new job. NEW JOB! For real this time! The one I was supposed to start in July got postponed and then they went all flaky and THEN realized the money wasn't there so I politely said "no thanks dudes". But in the midst of all that I got an even better job offer that pays lots more and I'm so super excited about it! My boss is awesome, and I know my coworkers will be too. It's also on campus, in the English dept (woo!), doing a little academic advising for graduate students. I start on Wednesday, and I Can't. Wait.

But I was usurped by guilt as I waded through my stash for new project yarn. I saw this sitting in a lonely plastic bag at the bottom of one of my stash boxes.

I decided that I could start all my cool new knitting projects if I finished one that was also still cool and had been lingering on the needles for way too long.

The ill-fated Simple Knit Bodice from October of last year. I had said 'fuck it' to the lace pattern on the sleeves. I'd been forced down to a size ZERO to get lace gauge on the midsection and I just couldn't make my fingers endure it two more times. I had actually finished one (very) long plain sleeve, but upon completion and a try-on, it wasn't for me. I got frustrated and threw it in the icky plastic bag where it has waited patiently for me to return with a plan.

So I dragged it out, ripped the long sleeve and finished two short ones.


One finished SKB! Woot! Finally. I'd have a pic of it on me, but I'm in a wife beater and boxers. Some other day.

Once I finished that, I allowed myself to start something new. And finish it.

(ok ok I conceded to the wifebeater, but NOT the boxers. sorry.)

This is the Cashmere Neckwarmer, designed by the lovely Kim of Yarn Abuse. I'm not really on a cashmere budget, but Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky works just as well. It's super super soft and a little too warm for 90 degree evenings, so it will be perfect for my long walk to work* on those cold winter days.

The color is taupe, I believe. It will go with everything. Perfect. I used a US 10.5 needle and didn't block quite as severely as required for a slightly thicker fabric. Warm indeedy.

*The long walk to work is courtesy a car pool. Nate just accepted a job at the university too (he worked there before for 5 years and is SO glad to be going back) and he starts the week after me. So we're going to park somewhere in the middle and I get to hoof it uphill most of the way. I'll be equipping my kick ass backpack (with lunch and knitting of course) and seeking out some cool yet comfy shoes, stat.