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Monday, July 16, 2007


Ya'll know how much I love Harry Potter. Not to obsession or distraction, but I have a healthy respect for JK and her ability to cast a spell over millions of fans, young and old, for almost a decade. I'm going to be very sad come Friday when the last book comes out and we have to find out how it all ends.

I must say that I'm not impressed with the new movie. I did have a particular fondness for the knitwear though, especially Hermione and Ginny's.

If you haven't seen it yet, move on. These are not the droids you're looking for. Har.


I realize that it's impossible to condense an 800 page book into 2.5 hours. It would be better served by a 6 hour miniseries, in which one can eat popcorn and B&J while knitting into the night. A knitter can dream right?

I know JK has final say on the scripts, but couldn't they have at least been true to the book events? Did Cho really have to look like a bad guy? I have a whole list of things that I take issue with (ya'll knew I would).

Things I wish had been included:
Firenze: He was just awesome in the book.
Ron & Hermione as prefects: Grr.
RAB: omg, how could they leave this out?!!?
House cleaning at Grimauld Place and the silver locket.
Molly & the boggart.
The twins' swamp.
More teacher irritation with Umbridge.
More of Kreacher: i.e. him telling Harry about Sirius at the Dept. of Mysteries
The portrait of Sirius' mom: I sooo have an image of her as the wicked witch of the west, and I was hoping to get a different visual. The portrait was there, but she never screamed!! *sigh*
Hermione's elf hats.
Weasley is Our King: come on, Ron's FINALLY a hero of sorts!
All the cool rooms in the Dept of Mysteries: I really wanted to see the brains and the Death Eater's head grow young and old. Oh! And all the glittery shiny clocks!
Lucius going to Azkaban!

Things they could have left out or done differently:
Grawp: If they had to include him they should have used more back story and explained Hagrid's condition. He wasn't necessary to the Umbridge offing and really made the whole thing kind of anti-climatic for me.
Sirius's death: Grr.
Lucius and the prophecy: Double, even triple grr. I gotta say, that part really pissed me off.
Cho & veritaserum and the DA: Bah, I wanted to see Hermione's spell in action and it sucks that Cho went down as a bad guy.

I know some of this is me just being a picky fan, and I'm ok with that. But watching this film was like watching little clips from a few of the chapters all slammed together. If I hadn't read the book I wouldn't have any idea what's going on.

That said, I didn't *hate* it. But it's definitely my least favorite movie of the series so far. Followed by Chamber of Secrets, simply because it's forgettable.

*Just for Lee: Da word of da day is Disappoint. I'm gonna use it in a sennance: Disappoint where I just c'aint take it no mo'! Ahem. Pay no attention to our school girl antics.*