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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just as I was about to give up

Yarn first, then a story. Cause I know that's why people read knitting blogs, and I'm not going to get all judgy on you on if you don't read the content. But be prepared to drool.

The lovely Cami sent me a package this week, just because she's awesome. And I'll gladly bathe in her awesomeness any day, especially when her store opens! Inside said package was this wonderful goodness:

Mmmmmm chocolate heaven. You can maybe tell that I've already dug in. Mostly cause the package is open and it's sitting in my fridge on top of last night's Thai. Now I know why the Europeans think Hershey's is a lame excuse for chocolate. Dayum.

Oh, you wanted yarn right? Fine, fine. Enter Dream in Color's Wisterious (does anyone else say that like Elmer Fudd? it's just me? ok then.). It is to. die. for. I've already been resurrected once (chocolate helps), only to almost pass on again over the smooshiness that is this yarn.

Get closer. Oh the smoosh. And did you see the purple? Oh my.

Also in the pack was some luxurious Cherry Tree Hill. It looks red here (figures, I can't make real red look red, but pink? no problem), but it's actually hawt pink. It's sooo gonna be a rockin' pair of socks for me.

Just so Nate doesn't feel left out, she included some sock yarn for him too! So thoughtful.

Also, yay for stitch markers!!

Thanks Cami! You're the best!!

Ok, and now it's story time lovies. Get yourselves a glass of warm milk and snuggle in. Or a hot toddy, whatever suits ya. Or just skip it.

About a year ago I joined the massive herd of 18-24 year olds who started myspace pages. While I'm not in the demographic anymore, it's not unheard of for me to um...not act my age. Anyway, I created a little profile, sought out a few friends and let it sit. Before long I had friend requests from Joe Loser and other various random and unknown folks with comments such as 'ur so hot, add me beotch'. Right. Cause that approach totally works. And no, thank you very much. There were bands, porn stars, networkers, promotional thingies, all trying to add me. I guess they run some sort of newbie name generator and send out mass invites. While it's nice to connect with folks, I'm looking for people I actually know. It's not about having the most 'friends'. Geez. Luckily, eventually most of that stopped.

Then came the onslaught of exboyfriends. First of all, why the *fuck* do people go looking for their exes? It's one thing to search and see what someone's up to. That's cool, whatever. You can glean a lot of information from a person's profile. But do you really need to send the 'hey what's been going on for the last 10 years' email? NO, you do not. (unless you're genuinely looking to reconnect.) However, you can easily read that I'm married. It's right there on the page. Oh wait, is that my blog link at the top? Why yes it is! You could just as quickly clickety click and read some more about me! Wow, the internets are so cool! You do *not* need to send me a message asking for a hookup. Or a three way. Or all the other things I'll not force upon my gentle readers. What you will get in return is a verbal nut kick, mkay?

So I was ready to give up on myspace and just delete my page right? Sure it's great that I've reconnected with some friends, but by now they all have my contact info, so the page isn't really necessary. And wow at the volume of wack jobs wondering around on that site. Not unlike online gaming. I'm just sayin.

And then something amazing happened. I got a message from a name I didn't recognize and I went to delete it. But I clicked 'read' instead by mistake. To my astonishment, it was from a sorority sister who had been a great friend in college and literally fell off the planet about seven years ago. I had no way to contact her and had searched for her in vain for a LONG time . And suddenly there she was (hi Robyn!). On freaking myspace of all places. I was so stunned and happy to hear from her that I cried. We swapped messages and then phone numbers and finally got up the nerve to talk on the phone. We spent about two hours laughing and talking and being thankful for the stupid myspace pages that helped us find each other. And then we had lunch and met each others husbands, and it was wonderful.

This week, the same thing happened with my old college roommate. Also a sorority sister. Lee and I lived together our sophomore year, and had a freaking blast! I've never had so much fun with one person in my life. For a long time she and I were the last two to enter our chapter hall on meeting night, so we got to be very silly while we waited for everyone else to do all the things one had to do to get in the room (you know, handshakes and code words, etc) so we got bored and made up a caboose dance (cause we were the end of the line and all), stupid names for each other, and basically made sure that we were the biggest possible distraction at all times. Especially in meetings in which voting was involved. The 'serious' sisters must have hated us. They'd be discussing a very intense and important matter and Lee and I would be in the back killing ourselves trying not to laugh out loud about the fact that I almost fell out of my chair in a very short skirt and flashed the entire executive board of our sorority.

Ah those were the days.

So I *guess* I'll give myspace another few months.

But then I'm shooting everyone my phone number and shutting that page down.