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Friday, July 20, 2007

Technological Embargo

I'm off for the weekend to manage some mischief at a big ole' HP party! I can't wait!

I'm still working on the Invisibility Shawl, and it remains to be seen if I'll finish the damn thing in time.

Everyone have a safe and happy Harry weekend! I'll be holed up somewhere with my nose in a very big book and when I finish I'll start all over again, but a little slower the second time around. I'm really sad that this marks the end of a fun series. And I'm even more bummed that people would leak info when uh...the book comes out in 24 hours. So dumb. And rude. But I've learned the hard way (many times) that when folks are determined to be assholes you can't really persuade them otherwise. You just have to try and move fast enough to avoid being shit on. Ya'll know.

So, I'm hiding away to avoid accidentally running into spoilers for the next few days, at least until I finish the book.

Catch you sometime next week! And I solemnly swear that I will not spoil for you guys either (and also that I'm up to no good, but you already knew that ;))!