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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As promised, or prophesied...

Sorry, my head is still somewhat in the land of Harry Potter.

Anyway, yay for FOs!

Turns out I only have one at the moment, though another is coming post haste. The Invisibility Shawl is long enough, but I'm going to go ahead and use up all the yarn, so you'll see that later.

Today's FO was actually finished at Knit Night last night. Blocked her this afternoon, and voila!

Pay no attention to my lack of makeup and silly faces. Nate is a goofy photographer.

Whatever is that on the ceiling?!?!

Hey baby, I got your Rusted Root riiiiiight here....

So yeah, Rusted Root. It's definitely my favorite knit ever. The Central Park Hoodie is a close second, but I could see me wearing this to work on a regular basis. I used 2.5 balls of Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple and it's the perfect color for me. I'm a 36, but I made the 28-32 bust size after casting on and realizing the 36 was actually closer to a 39. The fit is great, though I wish I had done a few more waist decreases so that it sort of looks like I have one. I knit this on size 6 Denises and did the ribbing on size 5. I was afraid if I went to the 4's as recommended the sleeves would be a little too tight for my taste. (also, these are probably the first pics of me, full face, on this blog in over a year. that was for a good reason, but i'm not as freaked out as i was, hence full frontal face! ha!)

And now for the yarn porn. Notice anything new?

Top left is St. Jimmy (yay Green Day!!) soon to go up in the Etsy shop once I get some good pics of it. I'm so in love with this colorway. It's a grass green, turquoise, gray and black mix. Y.U.M. I have a few other new things in the works, but I have some big orders to fill first! These five are going to a yarn store. Let's hope they preen and show off as necessary so maybe they can have a store front home.

Finally, this is the small project pouch I bought from Piddleloop on Etsy. Jenn and Wendy are so wonderful, they had this pouch in the Amy Butler lotus fabric and the day I was talking with them about it someone else bought the damn thing! So they went fabric shopping for me and made me a new one! See the pink lotuses on it? SWOON!

I got a notions bag too! Finally, no more zip lock bag!! Woot! It's already stuffed with my private stitch marker stash (shh). Oh and there are notions in there somewhere too.

They have some super cute stuff in their shop, and these even came with stitch markers by Robyn!

I heart Etsy. Totally.