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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Big Announcements

First things first.

Big Announcement #1:

Robyn has opened an online yarn store! She's doing a sock club, and I was lucky enough to be the first person she chose to do an exclusive colorway for her! How cool, right? She created the colorway and named it, and along with the sock yarn the club is offering *matching* stitch markers and an awesome pattern!! Go reserve your spot now! I'll wait.

Glad you could make it back.

Holy damn what a busy week! It seems like five. Maybe seven.

The new job is going great. My supervisor is awesome, as are all the folks in my department. I'm getting the hang of the new duties and things are falling into place. The first day I wore a super cute outfit and some hot little heels, in the hopes of making a good impression. Mission accomplished. And my feet still remember. We literally walked all over the building, to and from downtown, then all over the department again. By noon I was bear foot and blistered. And I learned I can wear flops if I want to. Noted.

I'm walking distance to more than one coffee shop (very dangerous) and lots of shopping (way, way more dangerous). Luckily there are tons of options for a good quick lunch too, so on the days I forget my lunch or just don't want it, I'm $5 away from yummy satisfaction.

This weekend has been pretty crazed. I spent all day Saturday with a German graduate student who had just arrived to the states to discover that her apartment deal had fallen through. She hooked up with another grad student who offered her a place until she could find her own, and I, knowing how rough those first few days in Athens can be, offered to help her get an American cell phone, bank account and a new apartment. We had a lot of fun, but it was a very long hot day. Thankfully she got everything taken care of, and I'm pretty sure she's found a great apartment with nice roommates.

Big Announcement #2:

I spent most of today finishing up my Sweet Sheep order and starting my order for Knitch. You read that right!! And you can see both links on my sidebar over there!

Um....holy shit! I'm going to be at the Sweet Sheep AND Knitch! And right after I finish those, I'll be working on an order for Cami's shop (p.s. we need to make you a button)! Squee!

You know the part in Pretty Woman where Vivian's sooooo excited about her $300 and she's jumping on the bed in nothing but a robe and a hair towel? That's so me right now. Except shorter and rounder and not so much hair.

So uh, yeah. If I don't post much and fail to reply to comments and email or answer my phone, I'm sorry, but I'm ass deep in dye and yarn, and I'll reemerge soon. I can't promise to have clean hands though. I do promise, however, to not jump on my bed in just a robe.

I'll resort to full on nakedness for that.