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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ladies, Tuck your Fannies

I had a lovely blog post all geared up in my head today. It was about how awesome you guys are, and that the sock club is SOLD OUT, even after we added 5 more spots. And how I really hope everyone likes the colorway that Robyn and I have created. And that holy shit there's a LOT of yarn coming to my house in the next few days (I'm tapping my feet in excitement already).

But as I was walking back from lunch in the 102 degree heat with the drenching humidity, I got a little sidetracked. Today, it would seem, is the first day of class. And there are a lot of students around. (Duh.) And while yes, it's such a palpable heat that it takes a good 30 minutes to cool off once you get inside, we should still consider wearing clothing that completely covers our asses. Especially since we have to sit those sweaty things in seats that other sweaty asses just got out of. Personal hygiene is important, people.

Apparently this is not taken into consideration by the majority of the female population on this campus. (I admire those who are wearing skirts; a cool breeze up the skirt is worth your weight in gold on a day like this.) I might be an old fart, but some things should remain a mystery, and the lady parts of half the campus are not things I wish to have revealed to me. I feel bad for the boys...they have no choice but to look what with bouncy boobies and half asses everywhere. And then they appear rude and perverted. What a shame.

I hope it cools off soon. I have sweaters to wear and everyone else has body parts to cover.