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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Dyeing Update

Hi ya'll! Hope your week is going well. Mine is moving along at an alarming rate. I'm very grateful for my full-time job, but sometimes it's hard knowing that I have so much dyeing to do when I get home and nothing I can do about it at work. Except drool on Ravelry. Like that helps.

Wednesday brings many things, not the least of which is a very long to-do list. I have a huge mail out for the sock club (yay!), grocery shopping, walmarting (eww), and a couple of other non-descript things to handle. House cleaning and the like.

I've gotten a few emails asking when the etsy store is going to get some yummy new yarn. Thanks so much for asking, ya'll! I'm going to be dyeing a few things this week (and weekend) for the shop, which is now woefully empty and super lonely. I am still working on two big wholesale orders, so the update is taking some time, but it will be back and rockin' as soon as possible.

I still have some yarns being shipped to me, which is part of the delay, but you guys are gonna be so psyched when they get here and get dyed up. Y.U.M.

For now, please visit The Sweet Sheep to purchase Lotus Yarns! Michelle will be glad you came!

So, to wrap up: New yarns (5 total!), new fall colorways, and a delicious surprise are on their way!

Stay tuned!