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Friday, August 10, 2007

Wuppin' fo' nub in all da wong pwaces...

This template will have to do for now. Blogger and I might not be friends much longer. The template offerings are sparse at best. I still have to adjust the banner, once I get some help from my genius hubby, who is much too involved in his gaming to be bothered with some silly old blog. (Insert an artfully raised eyebrow here.)

Still, these colors are better I think. I like the green at the top and how it sets off the banner. Better. And temporary.

Thanks so much for all your input in the survey! You guys are great, and I really appreciate your support, encouragement and generosity. I wish I could hug you all, but that would require an awful lot of racing around the globe and money for air fare, and not much time actually spent hugging. Fly-by hugs. I suppose I could always send a hug in a box, like Cass got today. I'm still snickering at her post title.

Oh! Speaking of Cass, she's hosting a hot little contest. Enter here and tell her I sent you over for some milk and cookies.

Where was I? Oh yeah. (Bear with me, the brain's a tad on the scorched side thanks to the heat.) I'm doing some ordering and organizing and I'll have some new colorways and yarns in the next month or so. Apparently semisolids are in demand! Sweet. I'm really excited about working some up!

This week I bought a new toy for skeining yarn. And by toy I mean absolute freaking necessity. I found the Will Taylor skein winder at Carolina Homespun (the links might be a little cranky), and it should be here next week! This thing will make my life sooooo much easier. So far I've just been using my swift and niddy noddy. Talk about exhausting. The niddy makes my hands cramp and in the last few weeks I've rapped my knuckles so hard they STILL hurt. Many, many days later. Perhaps I wind too hard and fast for my own good. I'm so ready to have my knuckles back in good working (and pain free) order. Cause you know, I got kids to beat up for their lunch money and stuff. Gotta stay in shape.

And for no other reason than the fact that this long ass post needs a pic, Denise outted me on ravelry today.

I'm a yarn sniffer. Yes I am.