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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sneak Peak?

I suck at surprises. I'm awful at keeping secrets. If threatened with torture I'd spill my guts before they could even tie me up. Hell, in five minutes we'd be yukkin' it up over mojitos and nuts and all this 'torture' talk would be a punchline. (But not my punchline. I also suck at telling jokes.)

Not that I'm a gossip (much), I just hate the anxiety I feel over the suspense of NOT KNOWING. Or someone else not knowing. And Christmas? HA! Nate and I do our gift swap days before the 25th. And my family is usually somewhat privy to their gifts as well.

In fact, here's a snippet of the email I sent my step-dad yesterday. We drew names last year because our family keeps growing and we don't know how to not spoil the hell out of everyone, which makes one big day a year become a budgetary nightmare. Well I immediately walked up to my step-dad, showed him that I drew his name and promptly asked what he wanted this year. Here is my follow up email (tongue-in-cheek mind you):

If you'd like a knitted garment, you need to let me know asap, as you are not a short man, and a sweater will take all my energy and lots of yarn (and love, of course). I can send you links to patterns of anything you might like (and which are also easy enough for me to produce in this ever-shrinking time allowance). The internet is crafty like that. Scarves, gloves, and socks, oh my!

If you require a knitted gift, do keep in mind that these have strings attached in the form of profuse gratitude for the time and effort spent. And you also must wear said item more than once in my presence. Even if it is very, very hot and the item is quite hideous. Consider yourself forewarned.

If you do not require a knitted gift, consider sending a list of desires. You might get a knitted gift anyway.
This is your one and only Christmas list threat. All other requests will be accompanied by begging, pleading and a possible wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Anyway. Point made. I suck with surprises.

Meet Bloody Mary, another cool pattern from Sandra. Love you Sandra! I also made Charade a while back. Yum.

And what is this yarn? Could it be a semisolid? Gasp! It looks like several colors, but it's really just one. I love it, and therefore, I knit with it.

Coming soon to an etsy store near you!

(Every time I type 'near', I can't help but think of Grover. I'm such a 5 year old. Sigh.)