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Monday, September 03, 2007

FO Weekend

I believe we have a siting folks.

The rare and exotic FO has been discovered in an even more rare and exotic (ok, domestic) dining room.

Behold, Shedir. Finally one for me!

I tried taking pics of myself in our big mirror. Turns out, whipping the camera around works a lot better. This is my 'that figures' face. Hi!

And this is the infamous Tristan, who has discovered his very own yarn addiction. He thinks the Louet is squishy too. He drooled and tried to pound on it! Needless to say, I had to rewash the Amber and Wish You Were Here. Silly kitty. Not be messing up my yarns! (I put him in my lap so he could pound on my belly instead...I don't need to be jealous of the yarn.)

I'll have another FO for you tomorrow (well half of a pair actually), and a touch of progress on a new WIP. Look out, I'm on a roll!