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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Totally crack addicted

Semisolids have me weak in the knees, folks.

I seriously can't stop dyeing them up. Check it out (click for big!!):

This super dark purple semisolid is custom dyed for Sunne. She runs the Punk Rock Gift Exchange and she pretty much rules. Check out her awesome stitch markers on etsy! I'm naming it Fascination Street, cause The Cure is all dark and purply to me. I love this one so much that it will be in the shop very soon!

This one is called Hydroponic. Feel free to giggle. It's named for a 311 song that totally rocks. I gave some to the Harlot when she was in Atlanta last week and she cracked when she saw the name. I'm sure that says nothing about any of her habits.

Love My Way...what else could I call a baby pink/purple semisolid? I heart the Psychedelic Furs. (This one is dyed on yarn with silver in it. Seriously. See the bling?)

Gray is so multi-hued to me. So many different shades, and it looks amazing on a semisolid. I named it I Wanna Be Sedated, cause everything is kinda gray when you're I'm told. Ahem. (More blingy yarn! hehe)

Blue is my favorite color. After pink. Ok, it depends on the day. Anyway, I am head over heels for this denim-y semisolid. I've called it Catch Hell Blues after one my favorite White Stripes songs (honestly they're all my favorites, but I keep replaying this one over and over). Damn, that Jack White can play the hell out of the guitar. I hate that they've cancelled the rest of their tour this year. Poor Meg.

And last but not least, I'm knitting a sock (shocking, I know) in the Dig semisolid/semivariegated yarn. (p.s. I also love brown.)

I'm using a cable from Barbra Walker's Charted Knitting Designs (cause I'm insane). It's lots of fun and includes calf shaping and an eye of partridge heel. More pics to come as I'm finishing the sock this week!

Also, on a non-yarny aside...there are tons of pregnant knit bloggers lately. Cut it out ya'll. You're giving me the baby fever! My hormones are screaming as it is!

Have a great Monday!!

p.s. Yay me! I ran a whole mile today! All at once! In 10 minutes! I haven't done that in almost 10 years. Jeez.