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Friday, September 28, 2007

In the Spirit of Giving

I love October!!

It starts with my birthday and ends with my niece's birthday/Halloween. The days in between are usually cool, crisp, gorgeous and filled with football. Leaves change, socks and sweaters reemerge, and we knit for winter with a vengeance. Without a doubt, this is my favorite time of year!

So, I've decided to do something a little different for my birthday this year. Monday I'll be 31 (!!!) and instead of buying myself something I don't really need (yarn does NOT count), I'm going to be donating 20% of all my Etsy sales for the month of October to Habitat for Humanity. Why? Because two years after Katrina, people on the Gulf Coast are still struggling. In some places it *still* looks like Katrina happened yesterday. While this might not affect me personally, it does affect people that I know and love. Habitat is helping to rebuild, and every dollar counts. As a bonus, I intend to match every dollar donated via the Etsy sales. Help me raise a few bucks for a great organization! In addition to some cool yarn (if I do say so myself), you'll get an awesome themed stitch marker from Sunne's Etsy shop!

In fact, I like this idea so much, I might donate to a charity every month. There are certainly plenty out there! I'll have to do some research in order to choose wisely though.

So, I'll be updating a bit this weekend; exactly when is up in the air as I'll be taking my yarn to Knitch, dyeing somethings for Cami's shop, and working on a play. Check the shop on Monday!

I'll probably need a lie down at some point, as Monday means yet another freaking year has passed.

Can't I just sit this one out?

ETA: Delivered the yarn for Knitch! It should be available to purchase on their website (see the link on the right) and in the store next week! Woot!