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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Perfect Day

Hope you guys have had a great weekend!! It's been an absolutely stunning day here. The temperature has been in the low 70s with a gentle little cool breeze that's been reinvigorating me. I've had the windows open all day, and it's just a lovely feeling. I'm finally doing better energetically and my nasty eye infection is tapering off. My immune system really seems to be in the toilet, so I'm going to visit a new doctor and see if we can figure out what's up.

I got up at 8 this morning (not much choice with the kitties, they're demanding) and went for a nice brisk walk with the hubby. We had a little breakfast and afterwards I started dyeing. And I didn't stop. I was having too much fun!

I'll have the new colorways up on Etsy Tuesday night or Wednesday! I really love the colorways I've worked up and I can't wait to hear what you think about them. I won't have them available in all the yarns yet, as I'm still waiting on one big shipment, but hopefully it will be in soon.

So I need to tell you guys about a secret obsession of mine...

There's a special little place in my heart for paintings (along with an unrelenting and unrequited love for Alan Rickman, but that's neither here nor there). Now that I have a house to decorate (slow going, it's a work in progress), I feel this huge longing to buy lots of gorgeous, masterful, abstract, ironic paintings. Maybe not all those adjectives in one piece though.

One of my current favorites is Emily over at the Black Apple. Go look at her work. Granted these are prints of the paintings, but they are divine. She's having a little sale (buy 2 get 1 free!) starting at midnight tonight (Sunday/Monday a.m.) and ending Tuesday at noon. I'll try to make sure I buy before you do!

My favorites are Ofelia (love Pan's Labyrinth!), X Girl, and Smiths Girl.

Ok, just gotta wait until midnight and then I can buy some! Whee!

Have a wonderful Monday! I'm going to wear a sweater, have a hot cider, and pretend it's fall! (Then later I'll strip down to my tshirt and complain that it's still 80. But it's the thought that counts.)